Friday Faves

You know those posts on facebook that end up spamming your feed?  And the fact that most of the time they come from the same people?  Well this one is worth reading, I promise (and the person who shared it isn’t a spamming type, so I was willing to read…and I”m glad I did).  Parents, do you think before you post?

I’ve been reading through Epbot archives, and stumbled across this video on being creative.  I LOVE what he says, and it’s inspired me to think about what creative outlet I can focus on in this time in my life.  And blogging just makes sense.

“If you want to be a writer, and you’re not writing, you’d better ask yourself why.”  

So, I’m going to write.  I also love what he says about the fact that if you are reading someone’s work or enjoying their work, it’s okay if their style rubs off on you some.

“You organically have your own style that’s going to come out when you copy other people.”

I have always thought it wasn’t okay to copy others and have struggled to write because I feel like it should be so different from everyone else’s.  So, I criticise myself when I realise I’ve adopted another’s style and then stop writing altogether.  I love this video, because it has helped me to ease up on myself a bit.  I want to watch it every day (and maybe I will).

“If you wanna write, write.”


Now onto more hilarious things…as I perused my pinterest this week, I was reminded of how ridiculous some of the ideas are when you try to reenact them.  In fact, someone did a whole post on it, and you can read about it here (you won’t be sorry).

I’m sorry to say that in two weeks, that is all I’ve been up to on the web.  Cody is starting to teeth, so my time has been taken up with trying to get him to nap, comforting him when he’s crying, and cleaning up a lot of throw up.  I do believe the amber bracelet is helping, and he loves chewing on the silicone necklace I bought, so I will chalk those purchases up as a success.

I have so much more I want to write about, friends, and I will as soon as I find the time.  Thanks for your patience.