Back from my “break”

I simply don’t know exactly where to start in updating you all on where I’ve been and what we’ve been up to.  

I needed a break.  Living with other people put pressure on me that I didn’t know existed.  We have lived in a very tiny bedroom with all our stuff and us in it for almost 6 months.  In the times where I have had some spare time, I have had zero privacy.  So, I guess I needed a break from blogging because it felt like my life was on display enough…but I have missed it and keeping up with all my mama friends on here…so I’m back.  I hope you don’t mind.  🙂

We are still “homeless,” but currently house sitting for some friends for 6 more weeks.  Decisions need to be made about what to do next, but I am hoping and praying we have a place to move into by the end of these few weeks.  

I need to gather my thoughts about what to write about first, but rest assured you’ll be reading quite a few posts in the coming weeks.  Thanks for reading.  


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