Baby led weaning

I feel like perhaps I have had a lot of somber posts lately, and while I want to be authentic and share my struggles, I also want to share the joys of each step in this journey.  

I realised after writing my weaning lament that a lot of changes happened in such a short time that week, and I’m sure that triggered some of those feelings.  The scary breath holding spell, two teeth in one week, and we started solids this past week.  Phew!Image

I was excited to start Cody on solids (although it’s a little bittersweet).  I had never heard of “baby led weaning” before having him, but my lactation consultant and doctor recommended this method for starting solids.  The idea is to ditch the purees and feed the baby what you are eating.  Use big pieces of food with a “handle” so they can reach and grasp what they want to eat and let them have at it!  

Of course, every parent’s thought is…won’t they choke?  I have been assured by the experts mentioned above that they will not choke, and the book “Baby Led Weaning” describes why.  A baby has a gag reflex toward the front of his mouth instead of toward the back like us, so when he eats normal food, he will start to gag on it long before it reaches the “forbidden area” of his airways.  If food does get down that far, coughing is the best method to get it out.  Still, I have adamently reviewed what to do just in case.Image

The book says to let them eat whatever you’re eating with the exception of nuts, salt, sugar, raw honey, eggs,  raw bran and bran products, peanut butter, milk, and pretty much any drinks that aren’t water or breast milk.  Because I have a gluten intolerance and my husband a dairy intolerance (although he doesn’t often admit it, ’cause we love our cheese), I am going to avoid giving Cody these foods until he is 12 months or older.  

So, my experience?  Well, it has been fun.  Watching Cody figure out how to pick things up, watching his face as he tries different foods, hearing his little exclamations that tell me whether he likes it or not, seeing him look at Daniel and me and try to imitate what we’re doing, realising that he is such a boy because he dumps his water out all over his try and splashes in it after immersing his food in it.  I guess the fun is the messiness of it and watching him discover and being able to include him in our meals.  



6 thoughts on “Baby led weaning

  1. Reblogged this on Kinda Crunchy and commented:
    We’re doing Baby Led Weaning too and we LOVE it! I tried starting Luca with puree’s but he just wasn’t into them. Once I read the book, my choking fears were relieved and he’s been chowing down ever since!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for baby led weaning! We’re still doing it and we LOVE it. I never put food in her mouth until after a year, just because it felt so strange for me to do so, just like it feels strange for me to do to my husband! I love BLW and will never feed any other way 😀 Glad you’re loving it, too!

    Oh, and don’t worry, the mess….decreases 😉 We’ve found that frozen peas are a popular no-mess food around here for when we’re feeling lazy!

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