Bloggity Blog

I have to get something out in the open.  You may have noticed my excessive posting.  I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to try to earn money blogging, and I read somewhere that writing a post every day for 4 months was a good place to start.  So, I’ve pressured myself to accomplish this goal.  What I’ve found is that my posts have become more of a chore than a joy, and the writing hasn’t improved through the process.  Phew, I feel better just saying all that.

My new goal is to write 2 posts a week.  Some weeks I will do more, and some weeks I might do less.  I hope through this new goal that I can focus on making a more quality post and find a bit more joy in the process.

MIght I add a warm welcome to my new followers, too.  I will say that the increase in posts have brought about 20 new followers, which is incredibly exciting for me.  Thanks for showing interest in this little blog.  And stay tuned for a giveaway when I reach 100 followers!

Have a great rest of your week, and Happy Independence Day to my American readers.  


3 thoughts on “Bloggity Blog

  1. I have thought about looking into making money from blogging too. A post a day? WOW! I certainly can’t muster that right now. Maybe it is something to strive for in the future. I made my “days of the week” posts to help me accomplish the goal I had to blog more, but the first week I did not get to a post, I felt very guilty. But I realized that I was the one making me feel badly, no one else was. So with that in mind, I blog when I can and once I get things under control with our little guys sleep, I hope to keep up with my 3 post a week and grow from there! And a Happy 4th of July to you too!

    • Yeah, I have made myself feel guilty many times, too. We mamas need to ease up on ourselves! It’s not easy keeping a house and putting all our spare energy into our little ones. Of course I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it’s definitely more than okay for blogging to take the back burner for awhile.

  2. I am trying to not put pressure on myself to make money blogging, but I am trying to be a more conscious blogger so that, if the opportunity arises, I’ll be ready for it. I’d love to make money blogging, so I’m trying to move that way without stressing myself out. A post a day would kill me! lol. I’m impressed by you! But I totally empathize with how you feel. Even trying to blog several times a week is hard! I’ve found scheduling is my best friend 😛

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