Shine On


Thank you to Ms. Candace Marie for nominating me for the Shine On Award!  I am honored to be considered and receive any awards for my blog.  I love Candace’s blog and reading about her adventures as a new mom.  She has recently made me want warm weather (it’s winter here) and a kiddie pool for Cody.


1: Display the award logo on your blog.

2: Link back to the person who nominated you.

3: State 7 things about yourself.

4: Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

7 things about myself…..

  1. I am obsessed with all things health and simultaneously addicted to soda.
  2. I hate having long nails.
  3. I am embarrassed easily.
  4. I am a choir nerd.
  5. If I’m feeling frumpy, I can usually solve this dilemma by getting my eyebrows waxed.  Seriously makes me feel so much prettier!
  6. My husband described me as “cute but crazy” when he first met me.  This is why we didn’t start dating for over a year.
  7. I LOVE TEA.

Oh my, 15 blogs…let me see…

  1. Kinda Crunchy.  Where Jaclyn shares her natural parenting style and family life.
  2. Our Hearts, Our Love.  So enjoy reading this mama’s adventures.
  3. Makeshiftwonder.  Where Holly reflects on life and shares spiritual insight.  I love her writing style (and she’s one of my real life friends).
  4. Homesickandheatstruck.  I love the way Lucy writes about making somewhere so far away home.  Always a comfort to know when I’m not alone in this.
  5. ConfessingMyHeartOut.  This girl is young and honest.  I love it.
  6. LittleMissRose.  A fellow mum blogger.
  7. Giving Her All She’s Got.  Eileen writes about her life as a wife and mother as well as opening up about her struggles with social anxiety.
  8. Searching For Middle Ground.  Another beautiful pregnancy blog (although perhaps she’s had the little one by now?)
  9. Dreams of Midnight Feedings.  And her dream came true!  Her little bundle of joy is now almost 6 months.  It’s neat to see the babies of the mothers who’s pregnancies were around the same timing as mine.  And her daughter is super cute!
  10. Natural Birth and Parenting.  One of my favorite blogs.
  11. Now and ever more.  Another blogger who had similar pregnancy timing as me.  Love the posts about her son.  He is a cutie.
  12. From My Bathtub.  Where Jessica shares her journey with ttc and infertility.  Love her boldness to be open about this struggle and often wish I could have a coffee with her and give her a hug.
  13. “Just” a Mom.  Love her writing style.
  14. Harsh Reality.  I recently started following this blog, and it has easily become one of my favorites.  OM makes me laugh and makes me think.  Love it.
  15. Observing Expressions.  A lovely travel blog.

Thanks again, Candace!


8 thoughts on “Shine On

  1. Thank you for the nomination! Hopefully I’ll remember to get a post up, soon 🙂 I also am becoming more and more obsessed with health but simply cannot give up my soda addiction. It’s a problem. A sweet, bubbly problem!

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