A glimpse or two

When I wrote about my anxiety, I couldn’t see an end in sight.  I knew I wanted to start trusting God to heal me, but I had my doubts.  

Slowly, assuredly, I have had glimpses of the healing that has started to take place.

I walked away from two (not one but two) conversations in the last week and realised I didn’t feel awkward or anxious through them at all.  And they were with acquaintances.  This is a miracle in itself.

I have had a few good days…when I felt happy again.

Daniel and I have had some real honest conversations where I opened up fully and he listened.  I must clarify that anything different has come from me and not him, as I have a hard time truly opening up, like I talked about in my anxiety post.

These may seem like incredibly small and ordinary occurrences  but I have to tell you…they have given me hope, and hope alone has eased some of the anxiety in my heart.


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