Friday Funsies

So today, I got my hair cut.  My friend, Claire, was kind enough to come to my house and cut Daniel’s, Cody’s and my hair.  We didn’t get much cut off of Cody, but he had some really funky long hairs at the front that never fell out and they made him look a bit silly.  So, she evened them out.  Anyway, I asked her about dyeing it and she said not to use hair dye from the supermarket (I didn’t tell her I already had a box in my cupboard).  So, I’m going with her Monday to a beauty supply shop and buying the dye and some macadamia oil shampoo that she suggested.  Can’t wait!Image

I have jealously watched all my American friends start to enjoy summer while here in Australia the weather is cooling more each week.  So, naturally, my obsession with scarves has skyrocketed.  Like this tutorial on the bow.  So cute, right?  I have a few scarves that I bought the time I went to Europe.  I bought them at the dodgy street vendors that probably ship them all over the world.  I didn’t care, though, because I could still say that I bought them in Europe.  And I still love them.  I think a scarf can make any outfit a little more sophisticated.

My other current obsession, particularly on Pinterest, is home decor.  We have decided to move to the nearest city and out of the farm town we’ve lived in for the past 3.5 years.  We’ll be moving in September (the lease is up on my birthday, in fact), and I am beyond excited.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a city girl, and I am so excited to be getting back to a place of convenience and hustle-bustle that city life brings.  We are going to downsize, which will be perfect for me as I haven’t kept up with keeping our current place up to my standard of cleanliness and have not been able to figure out where to start in decorating.  There aren’t the same caliber of home decor places here, and I find the stores that do center around home decor lack originality.  So, I’ve perused quite a bit and am excited to try a few ideas once we move.  Until then, I have to sell a lot of stuff and get packing/organising.  

To my delight, also, Lost in Austen is on hulu this week.  If you haven’t watched this mini series, please go watch it now.  It’s about a girl who ends up switching places with Elisabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice and, of course, a lot of things go differently than Jane Austen wrote in the book.  It’s one of those series where you can sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the timeless kind of girliness it portrays.  A great one to watch if your hubby is gone for the evening.

I have much more to share about my week, but thoughts that come from a wellspring deep in me that I fear are too intense for a Friday Fun post.  Stay tuned and have a lovely Friday.





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