Reflections: Simplicity

In my life right now, I find simplicity in small moments.

Having a normal, child free, conversation with my husband (and over dinner to boot).

Having a normal social interaction with out feeling anxious or awkward.

Cooking dinner child free.

Making Cody laugh.

For an over analyser like myself, I have to find simplicity in the daily living, because my life will almost always look complicated overall.  There will be many moments of anxiety, frustration, and feeling like a failure.  So I cling to the simple moments, the treasured morsels of time when God shows me that there is normalcy in my life…that I can be a normal person.

Would I like to throw caution to the wind and take pictures while cycling all day?  Sure.  Knowing me, though, I would analyse so much that it’d lose its simplicity anyway.  Might as well cheers to my beautiful, crazy life and embrace each moment.  Amen and amen.


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