Flashback: Simplicity

Toward the end of my high school career, my piano teacher and I became close enough that we could share ideas with each other.  One day she showed me a book of a man that had decided to simplify his life by quitting his job, selling all he owned, buying a bike and a camera and going around taking photos all day long.  She longed to simplify her life in the same way.

Many times, as my life has felt busy and complicated, I have thought back to that man that takes pictures.  I’ve thought how blissful that sounds–No job, no deadlines; just a bike, the sunshine and beautiful photos to testify of creation.

Then, I realised, some days it will rain.  On those rainy days, life will still be a little more complicated than we’d like.  Not only that, but relationships are complicated.  We can’t live alone.  God created us to be in fellowship and unity with other people, and so relationships interfere with our simplistic goals.

As wonderful and important as simplifying our lives is, I realise that complete simplification isn’t possible.  What I am glad about is the Guide, the Counselor, that I have to help me with the complications.


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