Food poisoning, etc.

My sweet boy sleeps beside me, and I have no idea what to write.  The past few days have felt trying, because I got food poisoning from some bad salmon.  Yuck.  I haven’t really been sick since Cody’s birth, so I had a new experience taking care of him and trying to rest at the same time.  I think I could fully recover if it wasn’t for the extra energy I had to put into him.  Not only that, but he is starting to cut a tooth, so these past few days have been a bit difficult–especially since we lost his amber bracelet…again.  We’ve decided to order some extras and are frantically looking for the one we lost.

Moments with my boy have been sweet, though.  The other day, he was settling for a nap and turned toward me, looked at me, grabbed my hair, kept looking at me and gently fell asleep.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know you are a comfort to someone.  And when he does that I think about how much none of us want to be alone.  

Plans are in the works for my hair.  I’m getting it cut on Friday and might just dye it this weekend. Here’s hoping I don’t get food poisoning again.  And thanks for all your encouragement!

Hope y’all had a great weekend.

P.S. I missed the memo on the super moon or whatever.  Did any of you see it?


2 thoughts on “Food poisoning, etc.

  1. I have been reading so many blog posts on the amber bracelets/necklaces. Are they really magical? Lol And by that i mean do they work wonders?? And where do I find them??? (Sorry for all the questions) But to answer yours:: I missed the super moon too 😦

    • I was skeptical about them, but the nights Cody hasn’t worn them, he has woken up a lot more often and been in obvious pain. The times he is wearing them, he’s much more settled. There is one brand I keep hearing about in America, but I can’t remember the name of it at the moment. I will try to find it and let you know. In Australia, I got mine from Absolute Amber. You just have to make sure it’s genuine baltic amber. Some places sell fakes.

      I was super bummed to miss the super moon! I didn’t even realise until it was far too late!

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