How to hang laundry with an infant

IMG_3492This has become our little routine when laundry day rolls around. Who am I kidding? Laundry is the never ending story around here. Anyway, since we don’t have a dryer, I have to wait for sunny days and hang our clothes up. Many times I would wait until Daniel was home so he could hold Cody, but then one day I thought, “Duh, I could take him outside with me and lay him on a quilt.” (This was also during a time when Cody simply wanted nothing to do with my carrier or wrap). And I did just that, and he put his little hand in the grass and played with it. It was adorable. (And I watched him like a hawk to make sure no green ants got anywhere near him). So, now, when I do laundry, we have this routine. And he wears his little hat because he HATES the sun in his eyes. Can you tell?

How do you get housework done?


4 thoughts on “How to hang laundry with an infant

  1. Ah yes, how do I get housework done? Until recently the answer would have been “I don’t” haha! I love that Alex can sit now because I sit him down to watch me fold laundry, then he gets to ride in the basket from room to room while we put it away (with train or boat sounds). Every morning I empty the dishwasher while he watches from his high chair, and I vacuum and clean bathrooms while he rides on my back in the mei tei (though those things are much less tiring if I can do them when my husband is home to entertain Alex!). Sometimes I can cook while he’s in the high chair or playing in the living room (where he can kinda see me), but often he gets lonely and I put him in my back for that too.

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