Reflections: Australia



My time in Australia has continued to be a blessing to me.  I still deeply long for America sometimes, but I know we’re supposed to be here.  It’s funny how some things have changed, too.  For instance, I was skyping with my friend, Jessie, the other day.  She walked outside and I could hear the birds.  American birds!  Parrots have become the norm now, and I miss the cardinals and blue jays.  Crazy.

Daniel and I have talked lately about whether or not God moves people places or just wants us to live our lives to please Him and doesn’t care as much about where we do it.  I’ve thought of Jonah, in particular…a missionary that didn’t want to go where God was telling him to go.  I can relate.  I guess I didn’t have to be swallowed by a massive fish in the process, but I have, at times, been kicking and screaming through my time here.  I think, overall, though, it’s about soldiering on through those hard times and learning to see the beauty through the trials.

I believe wholeheartedly that God has called us to be in Australia.  Knowing this gets me through each hard, homesick day here.  And most days I love it here…most days.  😉


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