Flashback: Australia


Flashback posts are journal entries that I wrote in the past 4 years since moving to Australia.  I hope you enjoy.  Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and pinterest, and a huge “Welcome” to my new followers!  I’m glad you’re here.

Spring is in full swing here in Australia.  Birds joyfully share their new songs, the grass is lush and green, and the beautiful Aussie gardens are in full bloom.  This morning, as I walked through the small sweet town in which I reside, I saw several parrots fly by and thought how I’d like to live no where else.  Yes, I did have a dream about getting to eat at Cracker Barrell for the first time in 2.5 years.  Yes, I have a scant amount of clothes and shoes because I’ve hardly bought anything (but have rid my closet of plenty) because of the obscene prices for everything here.  Reflecting back on the last two years, however, helps me to see how God’s hand has orchestrated everything in my life, and moving to Australia has been no exception.

When I first moved here, I had a hard time…with everything.  I missed American food (particularly candy corn), I missed not feeling like a freak for using certain lingo, I missed my family, I missed my friends…well, you get the picture.  I missed everything.  I’m not sure that I fully grasped how difficult it would be to start over in such a complete way…and I’m not sure that I actually thought we’d be here for very long.  After about a year, though, things started to get better.  My parents got divorced, and I began to see that God’s hand was in my living overseas simply for the fact that I had to stay out of it (my peace maker heart always wants to help, especially my parents).  I began to see that I could stand on my own two feet, side by side with my husband in my new family unit, and we could thrive.  Lately, I’ve seen that God literally had to isolate me in order to get my attention…in order to show me that He really does care, even when it feels like no one else does.

So, here’s my favourite things about living in Australia so far:

1. The wildlife.  I see wild parrots on a daily basis.  ‘Nuff said.
2. The farming culture.  I am a city girl, and I’m sure that the people in my town can see that by looking at me, but I love having local produce, dairy, and meat available with out having to go out of my way too much.
3. Opportunity for small businesses.  Having started my own small business this past year, I am ever grateful for the opportunity that Australian culture gives to people that want to have their own business.
4. The weather.  Always fine and usually sunny.
5. Gardens.  Aussies are such amazing gardeners.  All I really have to do to see an incredible garden is look at my neighbors yards.  And there are parks everywhere displaying beautiful gardening, too.
6. The haven.  I remember considering Clark Hall my haven when I was engaged to Daniel.  It was a single room dorm where I didn’t have to have a roommate.  I was in heaven.  I could see the other girls in the hall whenever I wanted (and usually did get a fair bit of socializing done), but I could also close my door when I felt like being alone.  It was awesome.  I’ve started to feel the same way about Australia.  I have my life here, and I am safe from any hazards I may have had in America.  I feel safe and at peace.
7. The stars.  I can see the southern cross and the milky way!

Among all these things, I am so very thankful for my husband of three and a half years, too.  He is so kind and caring, so different from anyone I’ve ever met.  We have grown so much closer through this experience, too.  He is amazing.  Love you, Daniel.

Whether we’re here for the rest of our lives or only for a time longer, I will forever be grateful for the time I’ve spent here and the patience that my Aussie friends and family have had while I’ve whinged (whined) about my homesickness.

Your trooper,


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