Reflection: Legacies


My mom and me.

I’ve thought a lot lately about the impressions I want to leave on Cody.  I’ve thought about how the way I view myself, treat myself, and express myself directly affects him and the way he will one day view women.  I take this very seriously.

Growing up, I remember observing my mother’s desire to lose weight on a frequent basis.  I remember the way she described herself as “big boned” (she’s not.  She, in fact, wears a petite size and is a very small but shapely woman).  These behaviors often perplexed me even as a child, because all I could see was her beauty.  They did deeply affect the way I have seen myself, inside and out, throughout my life.

I’m happy to say my mom is now becoming more and more confident as each year passes.  She’s finally allowing the Lord to tell her who she is in Him instead of listening to the feelings that have betrayed her over the years.  And this is helping me, even still.  I may be a grown woman, but the life my parents carry out still affects me.

It’s humbling to think that what I do, say, think, and feel will effect Cody so deeply.  I know that if I stay in the Word and continue seeking God, He will let everything else fall into place with my mothering.  I won’t be perfect, of course, but hopefully I can leave a wholesome impression on my sweet son.


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