Favorite things Friday

Ever since last week when I watched the video about having a creative career, I have thought about the possibilities and started researching a bit.  Well, Shari over at Spearmint Baby did several posts on Blogging 101, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through them and learned a lot that I hope to implement into laughingpromises in the coming weeks/months.

I know I haven’t written much about healthy living in awhile, but it truly is one of my favorite topics.  I am constantly researching and experimenting with different healthy recipes and ways of living.  So, when I stumbled across this article about coconut oil aiding in a cleanse for cancer, I was intrigued.  I’m not sure exactly how credible this source is, but I found it an interesting read, regardless.


Image from jezebel.com

And speaking of healthy living, if you’re still battling the baby weight like me, consider purchasing a fatkini.  I think they are super cute and am considering buying one for myself (although it is winter here in Australia).  I think the world needs more cute plus size clothes as well as a whole line of cute clothing for post partum bodies.  Who’s with me?  And don’t they look like they’re having the best time?

I have thought often about how little boys are so different from little girls.  They are messier, more adventurous, and more prone to give their mamas heart attacks.  I’m afraid of how I will deal with this at times when Cody is older and needs someone to affirm him rather than put him down.  I think this includes how we talk to others about our kids.  My friend posted this post by Sierra at his eye is on the sparrow, and it gave me some comfort to know that I don’t have to apologise for letting my little boy be a little boy, even at this age.

Little boys like to openly share their farts, but society doesn’t often realise that girls have gas, too.  And, oh man, do we ever.  That’s why I had to laugh at this hysterical post by didoodlesaboutstuff: It was your rack that saved you.  Please, ladies…go have a read.  And make sure you’re some distance from your sleeping child when you do, because you will have to suppress your laughter.

I found this video on pinterest this week and instantly fell in love.  Not only do I LOVE the Big Bang Theory, but this girl is who she is and isn’t ashamed.  I love that.  She’s a unique blend of scientist and an actress.  It’s had me thinking what my unique blend is this week.  Definitely worth a watch.


Photo from Hair Romance

One part of my “unique blend” is my love for hairstyles, particularly braided ones.  I’ve shared many ideas from Hair Romance before, but she just posted a new tutorial this week based off of Nichole Kidman’s recent style for Cannes.  It’s a curved lace braid, and I can hardly wait for my hair to be long enough to try it (darn you, mom hair cut).

Anyway, that’s all she wrote.  I am uber tired due to Cody teething, so I am going to bed.  I hope you all have a restful weekend.

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