Sweet moments in mothering

I have had many moments already in my time as a mother when I took a mental snapshot and knew I could never forget.  

Cody loves to look me in the eyes sometimes when I’m rocking him.  He settles right down and just looks at me, and my heart overflows with love.  A few times, he has fallen asleep this way.  Sweet.

One of my favorite new things that Cody has started doing is touching my face, particularly when he has just woken up.  I often put him up on our bed for his naps and keep a keen ear out for him or stay and do my devos while he sleeps.  I just love it when he first wakes up.  I’ll say a little “hello” and he’ll give me a smile and reach out for my face.  Sweet.

Early this morning, Cody became really fussy.  I kept trying to feed him, but he would suckle and then fall asleep.  I would promptly put him down, he would settle, and I would go back to sleep only to be awakened by more fussing shortly after.  A few times this happened, so I tried putting him up into bed with me.  When he still fussed a few minutes later, I picked him up and placed him on my shoulder.  He immediately fell asleep, and it felt good knowing that my arms are his comfort.  Sweet.

What are some of your favorite sweet moments?


5 thoughts on “Sweet moments in mothering

  1. Being a mom is the best! I just love when my little man smiles at me ;-). I also love his laugh – it always makes me smile and giggle! So perfectly sweet

    Best, Devon

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