Choosing a name

When we first found out I was pregnant, we discussed one of the seemingly monumental decisions: Whether or not to find out the gender before the birth.  We decided, yes, we would like to find out, because we felt the responsibility of choosing a name and wanted to narrow it down.  I really didn’t care which gender we ended up with, but I knew if we ended up with a boy that the name would be a challenge.

And it was.

For months, I made lists and paid attention to every. single. name. I came across.  I looked on movie credits, my facebook friends list, the Bible, authors, etc.  And, for months, I would mention my listed names to my husband and realise this decision would be even harder than we thought. We either didn’t agree on the name or, because we’re both teachers, we would think of some snot nosed kid who had that name that we didn’t want to think of every time we looked at our snot nosed kid (snot happens).

Here are some of the names I thought about that Daniel said were “okay”

  1. Grayson
  2. Owen
  3. Joel
  4. Judah

There were many more, but these were some that I came back to a few times.  Here are a few of the names my husband liked that I thought were “okay”

  1. Charles (and we would call him “Chuck)
  2. Jehoiakim
  3. Mephibosheth
  4. Joash

Okay, so most of his were a joke, which only added to my frustration.  On and on we looked and discussed.  We wanted a name that had a good meaning that we both liked and that suited our little boy.

We finally found his name in my elementary school yearbook.

Cody (helper) James (named after his grandpa)

When Cody was born and we saw him, we both knew that would be his name.  It’s funny, we didn’t talk about it for several hours after the birth (because with all my recovery, we didn’t get the chance), but when we did, it was a very quick decision.  (May I also add that the name was the one thing we kept a secret until he was born, partially because it was undecided and partially because we didn’t want anyone giving their two cents about whether or not they liked the name since it was our decision.  I am so glad we kept it between us, and I don’t know that we’ll ever tell anyone for subsequent kids, either).

So don’t give up, pregnant women of the world.  You will find that perfect name and be so in love with your little one that you don’t even miss any of the others.


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