Living in a farm town


Photo by southern_skies on flickr

Growing up, I thought because I liked riding horses and fresh country air that I was a farm girl.  The older I got, the less I rode horses and the more I realised how much I like pedicures and convenient locations.  The deal was sealed when I met my husband in Knoxville, Tennessee and we both fell in love with each other and that city.

And then God moved us to a farm town in Australia.

I think my first realisation that I’m a full fledged city girl came in our first year here when I heard a rustling sound by our front door.  I walked over and didn’t see anything except a plastic shopping bag with some random groceries in it.  I looked around it and in it and didn’t see a thing.  A few minutes later, I heard the sound again.  This time when I went over, I picked the bag up, and suddenly this THING jumped off the bag and ran across our kitchen floor with such speed I almost wondered if I was imagining it.  But the scream I had already let out told me I should probably investigate further…or just call on Daniel to do so.  He looked and didn’t see anything, so we closed the door to the laundry room where the creature had gone and went about our business (of course, for me, this was pretending to do something else while I watched that door like a hawk).  Suddenly, BANG!  I cried out for Daniel once again, and we went to look together at what had made the sound…and found a dead mouse. (Why, yes, it did run into the door and kill itself).

In that same apartment, a few months later, a snake crawled in a VERY small opening in our window (where the seal was supposed to meet…this was an old, semi-neglected place).  Luckily, it was a baby python and nothing poisonous, but I still screamed.

Then, a few months ago (I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not), I thought I was seeing things once again when I pulled up to our car port and saw a tail disappear into the bag of guinea pig food.  I did not investigate this time.  A day or two later, I scooped up some food into the bowl for our pigs, and out came a mouse!  It bounced off my very pregnant belly, fell onto the ground, and made a run for it.  I screamed and later thanked the good Lord that it didn’t bite me or crawl on me at all.  Bleck.

This post was inspired by the wild dog or dingo I can hear howling outside in the wilderness somewhere near our house.

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