Picture catch up

I found a few photos on my camera yesterday that I’ve meant to share.  I have slacked off a bit in sharing photos on this blog, and that’s something I want to change this instant.  So, here you go, and I hope you enjoy.


This picture proves that I had a red headed little man.  His hair has since fallen out and looks like it’s growing back in white-blond.  I’m secretly (or not so secretly) hoping it turns to the reddish color again (which could happen, because his hair looked brown/blond when he was born and slowly changed to red).Image

Sweetest little boy in my world.  So blessed to hang out with him every day.


Finally caught a smile.


Daddy with Cody–14 weeks


Cody loves to fold his hands like this before putting them in his mouth.  So proper and all.


And he’s getting pretty good at reaching for things!


Look how close he is to flipping over!  I think it will be any day now.

Hope you enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “Picture catch up

  1. Oh wow, he’s a cutie! And so big and grown up looking already! Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping with you that his hair turns red again. Nothing cuter than a red haired little boy!! 🙂

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