I am more than excited to tell you all that I am finally an exclusive breastfeeder, and Cody is doing very well.  He gained nearly a pound in the last 10 days from my breastmilk (making up for lost time). 

As for me, I’m getting my mojo back.  I hired a teen girl from my church to come to my house and help clean/cook/babysit once a fortnight, and that has helped open up possibilities for me.  Also, my instincts are starting to allow me to relax a bit more in this job called mothering and enjoy it more.  I no longer tense up every time Cody cries, and I am more relaxed about letting someone watch him while I take a shower or do my make up.  It still warms my heart that he knows who his mama is, though.  🙂

Cody is 8 weeks old today.  He is smiling, making all kinds of “talking” sounds, and is starting to try to grasp things.  He can roll onto his back from his tummy, although he hates tummy time.  He is into the next size up in clothes already!  My little boy is already growing so much, and I have mixed feelings.  I want him to stay little, but I am also so excited for each stage he will go through.

I don’t feel like this post is organized at all, so let me just say that I keep having dreams that he has a full mouth of teeth suddenly and I didn’t get to experience the teething process.  Perhaps this is from my fear of the teething process.  I know it will be interesting.  Have any of you tried the amber teething necklaces/jewelry?  I am planning on getting one for myself and Cody and hoping they work.

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow.  It’s amazing how such simple things become such a huge luxury once a child is in the picture.  The girl I have helping is going to hold sweet Cody while I get it chopped.  I am thinking to get it cut just above my shoulders so that I can wear it in a style besides just a top knot and wear it down whilst breastfeeding.

Anyway, I have to go ’cause Cody is getting fussy.  I will post pictures/video real soon!  Hope you all are doing well and am loving your updates, too.  🙂


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  1. I can’t wait for the pictures! So glad things are getting easier. Having someone help just a couple minutes does make a huge difference!!! Keep it up mama!!

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