38 weeks 4 days: Going a little stir crazy

I’m still alive and still pregnant.  Everything is going fine, but the Lord is definitely teaching me patience through this process of waiting to meet my son.  

I have had contractions.  I really thought last night might be the night, because the contractions I had were getting stronger and closer together (although still irregular).  I went to bed, though, and they went away after a little while.  I have an awesome midwife, because she assured me that I shouldn’t get discouraged but know that every twinge, ache, and contraction I feel before labor is my body preparing and getting ready.  It has a purpose.  So I’m clinging to that and knowing that all this now will make the big test of labor a bit easier.

One thing that’s changed for me some this week is that I’ve actually started enjoying my hot tea again.  I haven’t really wanted it this whole pregnancy.  Pre pregnancy, I would have 5-6 cups a day, and I enjoyed each and every one of them.  It’s probably good that I haven’t drank that much tea during this journey, but I didn’t want any.  I felt like I had lost that little part of myself.  Well, now I have it back (although I don’t want 5-6 cups just yet–probably because it’s 100 degrees f outside).  

Pretty much everything is done.  I have decided not to pressure myself to have a meticulously immaculate house, because I don’t have the energy to accomplish that goal anyway.  So, I’ve set small goals–keep up with the kitchen and laundry and try to keep the living room tidy.  Other than that, things are still a bit cluttered and unorganised.  Ah, well.  To keep myself busy, though, I’ve decided to crochet a few things.  I was watching ungodly amounts of t.v. until I finished all the seasons of Lost.  Now I feel like there’s nothing else I really want to watch.  So, I’ve journaled and focused on my devos, and now I’m adding these little projects.  I also decided to crochet some things for myself, because the baby has so many clothes and blankets that I don’t think he needs anymore at this point.  So, I’ll prepare and dream of winter for myself with scarves and hats and cute things I can wear as a new mom.  I’m also occupying myself by forcing myself to make double of some dinners and freeze them.  I had done this a few months ago, but when I got shingles, we ate them.  So that’s what’s up.  I will keep you posted and hope that little man comes soon.  Until then, just trying to keep busy and stay patient and trust in the Lord’s timing.  Amen and amen.


7 thoughts on “38 weeks 4 days: Going a little stir crazy

  1. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job of being ready but not putting too much pressure on yourself and keeping yourself busy without being too distracted from the big event you’re waiting for. Seriously, you are doing an awesome job! 🙂 I really feel that labor is going to go so well for you and you’ll have a great experience! You’re in my thoughts and prayers- I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    • I am trying! A few times, I’ve felt a little pressure, but I try to give that to the Lord and move on from it. I hope you’re right about my labor! I am so excited and hope it comes soon. Thanks so much for your prayers. 🙂

  2. You are in my prayers. In a moment you are going to blink and be holding him in your arms… then you blink again and he turns 1… but in between those blinks there is so much joy!

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