38 weeks: Midwife appointment and distracting myself.

This morning, I am enjoying the quiet and reflecting.  I couldn’t sleep well, because apparently my tummy is so heavy that my body isn’t registering how to turn over in my sleep anymore.  So, I kept waking up with hip pain and body aches.  The good news is, I got to watch the sun rise and have a cup of tea.

No baby yet, but I feel my body preparing more and more.  The cramps are getting stronger and more frequent as the days go by (although they are irregular and every 1-2 hours, so I know they’re not contractions).  I feel the baby rubbing his head on my cervix sometimes, and lately he’s been doing it a bit more and it feels like he’s gently stretching it in preparation for birth.  I also had a burst of nesting energy last night, which hasn’t happened in awhile.  I think he’ll be here by my due date.

I can’t remember if I updated you the last midwife appointment, but my fundal height growth was 3 centimeters in a week and a half.  So I was concerned (although the midwife didn’t seem so concerned yet).  Well, I had another appointment on Saturday, and everything’s back to normal.  The baby is in a great position, I am healthy, and all looks great for the birth.  The midwife thinks the baby will be a nice size–not too big.  She said there’s plenty of fluid in my uterus, but he is not going to be a big baby.  When she’s felt his head in the past, she’s told me it’s not very big (welcome news).  So, all is looking well, and now it’s just a waiting game.

In my waiting, so far, I have gone to see a movie and get a pedicure.  Today, I’m skyping with a friend and getting a haircut.  I have a few days this week that are blank, which I think will be good for me…just to enjoy the rest (or nesting), and a few errands to run after a chiropractor appointment one day.  So, keeping busy with a few things, but definitely anticipating birth.  I just can’t believe it’s almost here.  So excited!  I am through the mourning period that I wrote about last week, for the most part, and just getting so excited to meet my son.  He is precious to me already, and I know he will only be moreso after he arrives.  

I’ll keep y’all “posted” (oh man, I need some sleep–sorry for the cheesiness), and I hope you have a lovely week!


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