36 weeks 5 days: A few thoughts and some news

It became more real last night.

I’ve been having some cramping.  Just light cramping, but cramping nonetheless.  I had a midwife appointment on Monday, and she was very pleased about this.

Last night I texted her to ask if I could use a heat pack to help with the cramping.  She said “Absolutely” and then asked what the cramps were like.  When I told her, this was her response: “Ok.  That sounds very positive.  Your body knows what it needs to do.  Good idea to have a thick towel under your side of the bed just in case.  Contact me if you’re worried.”  

Wow.  This could happen soon.  Really soon.  Or not.  But maybe.  Either way, I will get to meet my son in a month or less.  Amazing.

So, I’m preparing my heart, mind, and house for our little one.  I feel ready.  If it happens today or this weekend or next week or in 3 weeks, I feel as ready as I’ll ever be to tackle labor and do it.  

We have picked a name (I think).  Our house is getting somewhat clean and organised (and we have a plan for doing so to the bits that are still a mess).  I have my labor bag packed and the babies’ bag packed.  We are ready enough for him to arrive.

In other news, my niece was born last week!  She looks so much like my little brother did as a baby.  She is sweet and beautiful, and it makes it so much more real that I will have a little man outside my body soon.  I wonder what he’ll look like?  

So, I will keep you posted.  I don’t have another mw appointment until next weekend, and until then I’m going to try to get all my beauty things done (hair cut, pedicure) and relax in between nesting.  

Hope you all have a wonderful new years!


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