Labour Prep

As I approach full term pregnancy (!!), there are a few things I’m doing to prepare my body for labour and the baby.  

Dates.  I read on Mama Natural’s blog that there is research stating that women who ate dates a month before their due date dilated and delivered easier with out induction.  I thought, why not give it a go?  So, I’ve been eating 6 dates a day.

Pregnancy Tea. I took the recipe off of a natural birth and varied it slightly.  The tea contains raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, and peppermint.  These help tone the uterus, cleanse the liver, and provide extra nutrients.  To read more, click the link above and read her post on the tea. I’m currently drinking 1 cup a day and will probably kick it up to 2 cups next week.

Perennial prep massage.  I’ve started this with my husband this week.  I recommend having a partner to do this for you, as it is very difficult to reach around a pregnant belly to get to where you need to go.  Basically, the perenium is the area between your vagina and bum, and this is the area that is likely to tear during labour.  In order to avoid this, my husband is helping me stretch it.  You start with two fingers, insert them into the base of the vagina and press down until a burning sensation is felt.  Keep this held down until the sensation goes away.  Repeat it 3 times per day.  Eventually, you build up to 4 fingers.  This is also helping me get ready mentally, because there’s a part of me that’s thinking “4 fingers?!  Aaaah!” and yet I know that the baby’s head will probably be quite a bit bigger than 4 fingers haha.

Journalling about my fears.  I did this the other morning.  It probably took about 2 hours, but I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It didn’t completely eradicate my fears, but it helped me know that clinging to God’s promises and giving Him all my fears are going to make all the difference.  I used passionate homemaking‘s suggestions from this post.  I’m also going to follow her advice on preparing my heart for motherhood in the next few weeks.

Writing down Scriptures.  I’ve started compiling a list of promises and passages from the Bible that I can cling to and have around me during labour.  I know I will need to cling to this as I’m in pain and getting to the birth of my baby.

If you’re expecting a baby, what are you doing to prepare?  If you’ve had a baby, what kinds of things did you do that you found helpful when you arrived at labour?  



13 thoughts on “Labour Prep

  1. I’m so excited it is getting close! And trust me. Labor is nothing to be worried about. I pushed two out 8 minutes apart ad would do it again every day if I had to. It Is incredible and I know you will love your experience!!

  2. I am studying hypnobabies, which is a self hypnosis program that can be learned as a home study or in classes. We are planning for a home water birth and I think this goes along quite well for a natural, calm, peaceful birthing 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s coming up so fast, I don’t feel prepared just yet. At least there’s a few things I can do to get prepared, though. I think after this coming week, we will have everything done (Lord willing) to help me feel like we are ready for him. I’ll let you know how everything goes once he comes and what I’d do differently/the same. 🙂

  3. I really think you will do just fine! Labor is hard work, but is completely manageable. Having just come through it, the best advice I can give is to just listen to what your body is saying and go with whatever feels right, whatever helps you. Move and make noise. Relax between contractions and don’t think about the next one, but think about what your body is doing. I know that’s what everyone says, but they say it for a reason. 🙂 I’m so excited for you, am praying that things go easily and that you have the birth you have dreamed of and a healthy boy at the end!! 😀

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