After pregnancy

Things I’m looking forward to after pregnancy:

Painting my toenails

Shaving every bit of my leg

Drinking some wine with dinner

Having pants that button (fitting into my former jeans)

Sleeping on my back and any other way I want

Eating over easy eggs

Having normal ankles and feet!

Standing for more than 10 minutes at a time with out feeling faint.

Dying my hair!

Wearing my wedding rings again!

Good sex

What I’ll miss about being pregnant:

Baby kicks and movements in my tummy

My growing tummy (for an acceptable reason haha)

The smiles people give me when they realise

Seeing my midwife so much

Being me and my hubby-kid free. A chapter is closing.

Any to add?


13 thoughts on “After pregnancy

  1. I second you on the toenails, but I have enjoyed the excuse of “needing” a pedicure. I have only gotten two and only expect to get one more, but still. I also heavily agree about sleeping in whatever position I want.

    I also miss my endurance, being able to stand or work for long periods and such. I was at a work event recently where I had to stand for hours and I was in pain. And on that note, I miss wearing high heels but my feet just cant take it.

    I wont miss the frequent appointments and needle sticks.

    In regards to pregnancy, I will miss being so close and literally connected to my son….and eveeything else you said for sure! Good list! πŸ™‚

  2. Being able to fit through skinny places, not having to wear a panty liner and nursing pad EVERYDAY, and not having to pee a million times a day/night. I will miss having an excuse for chocolate at all hours though πŸ˜›

    • Yeah, I’ve been wanting a strawberry daiquiri lately!

      Haha, I was just telling my husband how funny it is to see my ankles at a normal size now. I’ve been laying down all week because of my shingles, and they are back to normal (for now). They look so weird and tiny! lol Looking forward to everything being normal and not swollen again for sure!

      • Fingers crossed they stay that way from now on!Its so iffy having them so swollen 😦
        Hmm…never been big on strawberry but make mine a mango or peach daiquiri and Ill be there!
        So glad the shingles have gone – good luck for the last few weeks!

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