My pregnancy survival kit


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  1. Body pillow.  I bought this in my second trimester.  While it helped some, it has really been a God-send these last few weeks.  I feel so comfortable with my body pillow and couldn’t sleep well with out it.  I also recently bought a back pillow that goes just under the bump and extends to the back.  I didn’t really need it when I first bought it, but the heavier baby gets, the better it feels to sleep with that back pillow.  It looks like the green pillow in this pic:Image
  2. Body lotion has helped me a lot with stretch marks.  I still have stretch marks and continue to get more, but those of you who have had them know how itchy they are–impossibly itchy.  So, every night before I go to bed, I slather my tummy with lotion and don’t have to be miserably itchy the rest of the night.  My favourite at the moment is Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar.  I can’t get this scent here and have thoroughly missed it.  This week, my friend from the U.S. sent me some lotion and shower gel in this scent, and I can’t get enough.
  3. Water, water, water.  I can’t seem to drink enough of it.  Several times, pharmacists and my midwife have asked how much I drink per day and I have been able to say easily 2 liters.  It feels so refreshing, especially with lots of ice.
  4. Chapstick. For those days when you’ve drank so much water and your lips are still chapped.  Maybe this happens more to me living in a desert, but I definitely love using it daily.
  5. Magnesium phosphate.  These have mostly rid my body of those pesky leg cramps.  I was getting them every night…and they felt worse than anything I’ve ever felt in my legs before.  My legs would literally cramp to the point that I could not move them.  I felt paralysed.  My midwife recommended taking one magnesium phosphate tablet before bedtime each night, and that has helped alleviate these excruciating pains.  ***Make sure to consult your doctor or midwife before taking any new supplements like this.  It helped for me, but I am not a doctor or professional, just a pregnant lady.***
  6. Journaling has helped me sort through some of the feelings that pop up while pregnant.  Will I be a good mom?  Who do I want involved in my child’s life?  Will the baby turn from breech?  These questions and many more that naturally pop up and leave me feeling a little crazy are quenched when I write it all down and am able to reflect on everything tangibly.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed writing out things that my husband has said or memories of this pregnancy.  Journaling is keeping me sane (and when I get out of the habit, I feel a little loco again).
  7. Music. Another keeper of my sanity.  Whether I’m in the car and listening to calming music that helps me think on my baby and my marriage or whether I’m sitting at my piano playing what’s on my heart, music is an extremely important facet of my life.  I’m hoping to have it aid in my labour and delivery as well, no matter what ends up happening.  
  8. Chiropractor. I know I have talked about this some, but going to the chiro once a week is keeping me feeling so much better.  When I wait for 2 weeks, I do not feel good.
  9. Prenatal massage.  Ok, so I’ve only had one of these back in September, but it was AMAZING.  I’m planning on getting a massage now at the end of each term in the school year to reward myself for a job well done.  I am done teaching in 2 weeks.  Might have to get another one then.
  10. Pedicure/painted toenails.  I went to a salon and just had them change my polish recently.  It was only $10 and worth the effort.  I feel so much cuter when my toes at least  have a little pizazz (even if they’re twice their size).  I’m thinking about going again tomorrow and getting a colour just to match my dress for my baby shower on Sunday.  ‘Cause I can.

What have you found to be essential on your survival list?  I might do a part 2 of this soon, because there are many more things that I feel like I can’t live with out.  Pregnancy sure has made me (more) high maintenance!


4 thoughts on “My pregnancy survival kit

  1. I’m totally with you on the body pillow! MUST have it! When we went to Hawaii, we bought one just to use while we were there (cheaper than bringing another bag). I’m taking a whole assortment of vitamins and minerals, and really feel better when I take them each day. Same with red raspberry tea! And water- yes, I’ve never been thirstier!

    • Yeah, I’m taking heaps of supplements, too (or more than I usually would). I use Rainbow Light Prenatal Organics and it has raspberry leaf in it as well as other herbs and things, but I did go out and purchase some of the ingredients to make my own blend like you did. I used your recipe as my measuring guides and it’s a nice tea! The only thing is, it’s so stinkin hot here that I don’t want it very often. Maybe I’ll have to try it on ice and see if that helps.

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