28 weeks: Glucose test results, colostrum, and weddings


28 weeks pregnant!

I have so much to tell you from this week, so I will dive right in.  The best part of my week included getting my glucose test results back.  My midwife described them as perfect!  No gestational diabetes for me.  🙂  She sent me the lab results to keep in my records, and it said my level was 4.7 (if it’s greater than 7, they do the 2 hour fasting test).  So relieved!

Along with that was my midwife appointment.  We discussed different things, like preparing our parents for the type of parenting we’ll be doing now rather than waiting until the issues come up after the baby arrives.  More on that later.  She checked where the baby is lying, and at the moment, baby boy is breech.  😦  I figured this was the case because the kicks I feel are always low and never up near my ribcage.  He still has time to turn, though, so I’m hoping he will before 34 weeks.  When she checked the heartbeat with the doppler, it was just slightly irregular.  She said this is nothing to worry about but something to keep an eye on.  I told her if she’s not concerned then I’m not concerned.  If we continue to see this, she will discuss it with the ob’s at the hospital and see if they want me to get another ultrasound (not something I want, but if it’s to make sure he’s safe, then so be it).

Another exciting thing that came about was one of my breasts began producing colostrum!  It may seem silly, but I’m excited for this.  My mom had trouble breastfeeding (in fact, she only breastfed us all for 3 weeks), so any signs pointing toward good milk production and breastfeeding=okay in my book.

This past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in one of my friend’s weddings.  It was different than any wedding I’ve been to up to this stage, but it was still beautiful.  I will say that being pregnant and a bridesmaid is a lot more tiring than I anticipated.  We started with hair and beauty appointments at 9 a.m. and hub and I finally left the wedding at 9 p.m (I felt so rude but just really needed to rest at that stage).  Anyway, my feet were swollen the rest of the weekend (just call me cankles).

28 weeks cravings: SUGAR!  Because my midwife had me on the special diet, I had to cut back and cut out sugar for the week preceding my glucose challenge test.  Oh man, I missed it.  The night of the best, I ate a cupcake and some candy corn and immediately regretted it because I felt so sick from all the sugar.

Aversions: None really.

Symptoms: Hip pain, colostrum leak, breast tenderness, feet swelling, braxston hicks

Hope you all have a great week!


6 thoughts on “28 weeks: Glucose test results, colostrum, and weddings

  1. CONGRATS on the good test results! Good news is always nice 🙂 And I’m sure your baby will turn. I had 2 co-workers this year with breech babies at later dates than yours and they both turned just fine 🙂

    • Oh that’s so encouraging! Thank you for telling me that! I think he’ll turn. I just hope it’s in time for me not to be stressing about it. I *think* I can still have a natural birth even if he’s breech, but I’d rather him be head down, of course.

      • I know what you mean. When I was so scared that my uterus was funny-shaped and knew that it would greatly increase my chances of a breech baby (and baby was breech at the time, I think that was ~24 weeks), I was so stressed because I knew I’d have to make the choice whether or not I felt comfortable having a breech home birth or having one in a hospital (actually, I might not have found a Dr willing to do a vaginal breech). It makes those decisions even more weighty! Watching some videos of natural breech deliveries made me feel a lot better, though, because they really looked simpler than I’d imagined. I’ll be praying for your baby to turn because of course you’d wish for the simplest birth possible!

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