27 weeks: Emotional with cankles


27 weeks!

I can sum this week up in one word: Emotional.  I didn’t notice it until a few days ago when I browsed through some photos of my mom’s trip to Guatemala.  My mind wandered to how much she’s grown since her and my dad divorced and her bravery.  I started thinking about her trip here last year and how special it felt to share my life over in this corner of the world with her.  Then I thought of how she’s coming in February, how long it’s been since I’ve seen her, and how much I miss her.  In the instant of thinking these things, I wept.

Later that day, my husband called to say he had decided on a t.v. for us (we have needed one for awhile since ours probably came from the early 90s).  I thanked him profusely, because I knew he bought this t.v. more for me since I watch more t.v. shows and play more xbox than he does (confession).  His response: “You’re welcome, Sweetheart.  I wanted to do something nice for you that would be lasting.  I don’t buy you jewellery or nice things very often, so I wanted to get you something nice.”  I cried.  (Love that man).

These include just a couple of examples, but you get the picture.  Every little thing would make me all teary eyed and hormonal.  As for the big stuff, forgetaboutit, I’m a hot mess.

A massive (literally) symptom this week is my swelling feet.  The temperatures have remained incredibly hot for this time of year in Australia, and on days where I’m more active or out shopping, my feet sure do suffer.  I’ve had to shop a lot in the last week or so, frantically looking for shoes that will fit for an upcoming wedding (more about this next week).  At the end of each shopping day, and many times long before, my feet would balloon and I would have cankles.  Fun.  Usually, after propping them up or laying down for awhile, the swelling would go down, though.

Cravings: Biscuits slathered in jam, milk (still with most meals), fruity type sweets, pizza.

No aversions, really.  

Symptoms are mainly the same: Braxston hicks, hip pain, swelling feet, a little acne, back pain, and heaps of baby movements and kicks.

Oh yeah, and my laptop crashed over the week, which is why I only did one post last week.  Hubby has fixed it now, though, so I will hopefully get a few more posts up this week that I’ve planned.  Any requests?

Have a great week, everyone!


11 thoughts on “27 weeks: Emotional with cankles

    • Thank you so much! You are amazingly sweet. 🙂 Yes, biscuits! Oh man, I want to go make some more right now, but I’m trying to eat super healthy until after my glucose test next week. Maybe that can be my celebratory snack when I pass it. YUM!

  1. Looking fab!!! I had a very emotional week too!!! I started crying then was I laughing because I was crying, then couldn’t stop crying! Oh boy!!!! My husband LOVED that! BTW – love the stretch marks post…..counting the days till mine appear. I have them all over by thighs, boobs, hips, and butt prior to pregnancy…..just waiting for more to show any day now!!!!

    • Haha laughing and crying at the same time…something men will never understand. 😛

      Thanks for the compliments! I think the stretch mark post has resonated with a lot of our little community, and I’m so glad. It’s so easy to get caught up in how much our bodies have changed, but taking a positive outlook and remembering why they’ve changed is so important, I think. 🙂

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