I feel pretty: Beauty in pregnancy

I went through a period of depression when we first moved to Australia.  I couldn’t work for the first 6 months, and I knew virtually no one.  It proved one of the most difficult hurdles I’ve faced in my life so far: Picking myself up off the ground, going through culture shock, and attempting to make friends in a completely new country.  Each day, I struggled to get out of bed and get dressed.  When the government finally granted me permission to work, things started to pick up some.  I at least had a reason to get dressed a few times a week and meet a few people in town.  As time went on, the Lord started to speak to my heart about making a bit more effort in my daily beauty routine.  Thinking back, I believe I thought myself unworthy of the effort.  Slowly, as I learned to obey His new task for me, I started to see that He saw me as worth it…and that meant the world to me.  I started to feel better and had the confidence to put myself out into the world again.

When I saw the positive test and started to feel sick for those first few weeks, I knew what the importance of a beauty routine would mean in the coming months.  With all the hormone changes and commotion, I could easily sink back into a routine of sweat pants and oily hair.  So, I wanted to share a few things I do to keep myself feeling pretty and “glowy” during this pregnancy.


  • My hair.  I have found that styling my hair really keeps me feeling pretty.  If I style it up, out of my face, and in a cute hairstyle that I know looks nice, the make up and clothes I wear are easier to put together.  I spend less time feeling frumpy and more time feeling cute.  Plus, over these past 3 years of practise, I have learned to do my own hair.  The lovely Christina at Hair Romance wrote an ebook that I bought a year or two ago (30 days of twist and pin) that has literally changed the life of my hair.  She has recently developed a new one focusing on braids–One of my great loves.  
  • Makeup. Admittedly, I don’t put on make up every day.  Most days, however, I do, because I have students or friends that I see and want to feel confident and look my best.  Even if I just put cover up on and a little mascara, I feel a huge difference.  I love Lisa Eldredge videos for make up tips.  The one posted above is a look that I want to try soon.  She has heaps of videos for different things, though, so check it out!  


  • Clothes.  One thing I’ve tried to do in the past few years is buy clothes that had a nice, lightweight fabric that would feel comfortable yet look polished.  By filling my closet with these pieces, I have avoided looking frumpy even on the days when I just want to lounge.  Don’t get me wrong, I have sweatpants and hoodies, but a limited amount that I try to only wear at night (in fact, changing into my pajamas is a lovely routine for me that lets me know it’s time to relax and not worry about looks anymore).  Maternity clothes have proven no different for me.  I have less of them than my regular clothes, so I have to do more laundry.  It’s nice, though, to have clothes I feel good in and to have them nice and clean often.  Plus, I figure I have to get used to more laundry soon anyway, right?  The majority of my maternity wear comes from Old Navy.  They have a fun and affordable selection.
  • Other.  I painted my toenails the other night.  Although it felt like a marathon, looking down at my toes and seeing a cute colour now is one little touch that makes me feel pretty.  Jewellery is another little detail that can polish an outfit.  I don’t wear much jewellery, but a nice pair of earrings or necklace makes a bit of difference.  As far as shoes go, I’ve had to compromise a bit and get some sandals that look decent and feel extremely comfortable.  I have sensitive feet and need a good shoe that will not hurt my back (how old do I sound when I say that?  Wait, don’t answer that).  So, I went into one of those old lady orthopedic shoe stores and bought a pair of sandals with memory foam in the sole.  So far, I love the way they feel, but I do think of them as my first pair of mom shoes (i.e. I miss my cute shoes).

What are some of the things that are important to you in feeling beautiful, pregnant or not?



3 thoughts on “I feel pretty: Beauty in pregnancy

  1. Since I’ve been pregnant (and especially since I stopped working), I’ve forced myself to wash my face, put on at least face lotion, concealer, and powder, and change out of my bathrobe before going downstairs (extra points if I put on pants that I can wear outside the house). This really is the bare minimum, but helps me to keep from feeling too frumpy. 🙂

    • It makes such a big difference, doesn’t it? I am always amazed at how much better I feel about the day if I take a few small steps, even if it’s just getting dressed, like you said. Glad to know I’m not alone in this. 🙂

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