25 weeks: School holidays and hip pain


Life has been busy, but sweet.  We just finished school holidays, a two week period that teachers and students have off after each of the 4 terms (although with term 4, we have about 8 weeks off).  Over the holidays, we had the goal of switching our office and bedroom.  We did it, and I’m so glad we did.  Hubby is very happy with the extra space he has in his office, and our new bedroom is the perfect size and very cozy.  Plus, now we can begin the nursery!  I will do a post soon on the plans and do a nursery tour when it’s all done.

Another great part about the break: Having some days where we could just relax and enjoy each other’s company.  We took a small road trip to the coast and had a nice day of shopping at one of the nicest shopping centres that we know of in Australia.  It was for an extended birthday celebration (since I had to work on my birthday) and I was also thinking of my friend Leah from the States since it was her birthday that day.  Other days were spent journaling, crocheting, and just existing with out the pressure of work.  I am pretty excited about getting back into the swing of teaching again, though, ’cause I only have this month and November left before my maternity leave!  Plus, teaching private piano allows me any amount of time off that I need.  Now, I’m a bit lucky, because we have school holidays for a whole month and a half before the baby’s due.  Then, I’m taking the first term off for my official maternity leave.  So I will have a lot of time to relax and welcome baby boy into the world.

I haven’t really had any new symptoms.  My hips hurt worse than ever.  They apparently twist out of place while I sleep on my side.  They’re pretty painful.  I’m going to the chiropractor today and hoping I can figure something out to stop waking up in such pain throughout the night.  Anyone have any advice for toning down the pain?  I feel like an old lady.  Also, my due date changed to a week later, which is when I thought it should be anyway.

I truly hope you have a fantastic week!  I am praying for each and every one of you that are ttc and hoping you get your bfps soon. 


4 thoughts on “25 weeks: School holidays and hip pain

  1. You are too cute! That belly is adorable on you! 🙂 I’m so happy that everything has worked out so well for your little family! Congratulations again on your little man!!

  2. Looking good mama!!! So coming from a rehab/physical medicine focus, sounds to me like you have a little muscle imbalance going on. What that means is some muscles are tight, some are weak, and they tug and pull in different directions, causing joints to go out of wack! Also, with all the hormones causing loose ligaments, that doesn’t help. Sounds like you need to focus a little on some gentle stretching, toning, and positioning. At night for sleeping, I would suggest using a pillow between your legs. That will help align your hips into a much better position, as well as your back. As for the stretching and toning, I would suggest stretching all of your lower leg muscles, butt muscles, and back muscles, etc. But gently! And ease into some toning and strengthening. Do you kegals for sure, and google “Transverse Abdominal Contraction.” Do TONS of those. They are similar to kegal, and great for you. You can do them in all different positions as well (on all 4s, sitting on an exercise ball, laying down with your legs bent up, in the car while you are driving, sitting at a desk, etc!!). Another toning exercise that you could do would be to get on all 4s, and then slowly and carefully lift out your right arm and extend out your left leg at the same time. This is tricky, and you need to do it slow because it takes a lot of balance (and us pregnant women know that balance is very wacky during pregnancy!!) You want to keep your tummy tight the entire time you do this. Then you put your arm and leg down, and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. They are great for your butt and abs!!

    Hope this helps a little. This may be a little different from a chiropractors view, but us rehab people come from a different world than chiropractors!! Feel better!!!

    • Thank you so much for the advice! I am going to try this in the next few days and hope it helps. I did go to the chiro today, and he was telling me some of the same things you just did, so it’s nice to know that it is confirmed on both views. He also said doing a bit more walking should help. I’m hoping it does, ’cause I could sure use a bit of relief.

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