19 weeks: *Cough cough*, antibiotics, *cough*

My cough escalated to the point that I started feeling I would never get better.  I had several nights where I would wake up gagging and had to run to the nearest sink to throw up.  Mainly, I would just gag and dry heave, but some of the time I would throw up.  Not only that, but the coughing itself was completely exhausting.  So, after one night where I hardly slept at all, I finally caved and made a doctor’s appointment AND a homeopath appointment.  I went to the homeopath first.

A homeopath is basically a herbalist who takes a holistic approach.  So, the appointment was an hour and a half long and involved me talking about my cough, my eating habits, my family history, my emotions, and everything in between.  It was almost like a counseling session.  At the end, she gave me some drops to take a few times a day and sent me on my way.

The doctor was a short and sweet appointment, as they usually are.  She prescribed me an antibiotic and told me of some medicine I could take if I needed to and sent me on my way.  I made sure to ask her about the risks associated with the antibiotic and then researched it when I came home as well.  

I’m not sure if it was mainly the drops or the antibiotic, but that afternoon, upon taking both, that tickling sensation in my chest started to dissipate.  I was coughing slightly less by that evening and have recovered a little more each day since.  I finished my antibiotics last night.  I do have to say, too, that the drops do seem to help when I’m coughing.  I had a bad experience with a naturopath (in which they gave me all sorts of pills and concoctions to take that didn’t do a thing but cost me heaps), so I was a little skeptical of the homeopath.  I think I’m a believer now, though!

Anyway, baby’s kicks are getting stronger and more frequent, which I am LOVING.  I still can’t feel it fromImage the outside yet, but it should only be a matter of time.  I can’t wait until hubby can feel the kicks I’m feeling.  Either way, we are going for our first (and possibly only) ultrasound on Friday!  I can’t wait!  I can’t wait to see who’s nose little bean has and how they move around and, of course, find out the gender!  I have been thinking it was going to be a boy up until this point, but I’m starting to second guess myself.  My mom insists it will be a girl, and I think my competitive spirit wants my instinct to be right over hers…and now I’m feeling guilty for feeling that way, so I’m second guessing my instinct.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I will be absolutely delighted with either a girl or a boy.  

On another note, my tummy is starting to feel heavy and a slight bit cumbersome.  I’m having a harder time bending over and getting up out of a seat…and I know I am in for a lot more where that came from.  If it means baby is growing healthy and strong, though, I will not complain.

Congratulations to you mamas who found out the gender of your little ones recently!  I am so excited for you and continue to pray for happy and healthy pregnancies and babies.


2 thoughts on “19 weeks: *Cough cough*, antibiotics, *cough*

  1. Glad you are feeling better! Sounds like a very nasty cough. I know what you mean about the bump being cumbersome. I’ll blog later today about that but we were on a trip this weekend for my wedding and I felt really… Pregnant. And not in a good way, really. I have found it tough to accept physical limitations put on me by the dr after IVF, but I think the changes in my body are starting to be very real now, and the idea of only increased limitations is what got me shedding a few tears last night.

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