18 week: Coughing, kicks, and a maternity appointment


18 weeks pregnant! Wearing maternity clothes exclusively now.

I had a much better week as far as emotions go.  I did, however, catch a cold/cough combo from someone and have been miserably coughing my lungs up all week.  I’m going to do a post on it, but it basically entailed a lot of rest and lemon tea.  The good news is, I’m starting to get my energy back a little and had a beautiful day off on Friday.  Not only that, but baby’s movements are getting stronger!  A few times I’ve felt taps rather than flutters, which I can only assume are kicks.  Then, yesterday, I felt a really good kick.  I can’t wait until hubby can feel them, too.  Shouldn’t be long.  

So, Friday, I went to a birth prep group where we talked about nutrition.  I didn’t really learn anything new, but it was good to get a refresher on it.  After that, I had my first hair appointment since March.  I have lived in Australia for 3 years and haven’t found a hairdresser I liked.  So, Friday, hopeful and optimistic, I arrived at a salon my friend had recommended.  Well, I was so incredibly impressed and so glad to finally have found a good hairdresser!  What a big difference it makes when you LOVE your haircut and style.  She blow dried my hair and then waved it with a straightener.  Plus, the whole time, they were doting on how beautiful, thick, and healthy my hair is.  To give you an idea, the lady said she shampooed my hair 3 times because I have so much.  This is normal for me.  Anyway, it felt great to get pampered and have some professionals tell me how nice my hair is.  I only wished I could’ve had them do my hair for my wedding…but that’s a whole other tangent.

After my hair appointment, I had a midwife appointment which went very very well.  I FINALLY got the ultrasound order and go in a little less than two weeks to find out the gender!  I can’t WAIT!  Anyway, she went to find the heartbeat.  Baby was wanting to hide again, but this time I could feel where it was moving.  She said this far along, she needed to find the heartbeat to make sure everything was okay (up until this point, if she couldn’t find it quickly, she would give up).  So, she got comfortable and determined to find it (which I was happy with, of course).  Finally, she found it, and we listened to it for probably a minute or so.  It was a beautiful sound.  She said it was a lovely strong heartbeat (yay!) and sounded just like what she wants to hear.  

Not much else to report this week!  Hope y’all are okay!

Cravings: Chocolate mug cake, fudge, sweet chilli and sour cream rice crackers, panang curry (which resulted in indigestion…probably won’t be doing that again).

Aversions: None that I can think of.  Still don’t want fish.

Symptoms: dry skin/nose, indigestion, stronger movements and a few kicks, breakouts



2 thoughts on “18 week: Coughing, kicks, and a maternity appointment

  1. You look radiant and beautiful! I’m so happy things are going well for you! Sorry you were sick…. Pregnant and sick are such a horrid combo.

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m still fighting whatever this is. I finally went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic, which seems to be helping already. Fingers crossed I can actually get some sleep tonight.

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