14 weeks pregnant

I was waiting to post this until I could get a good belly shot, but hubby wouldn’t take one before he went on his trip because “we just took one two days ago.”  So, no belly shot this week.  I’m going to start taking them on the day that I turn a new week so that hubby is happy to take them.

Cravings: Sweet chilli & Sour Cream rice crackers, watermelon, pigs in a blanket, tea

Aversions: None to speak of this week

Symptoms: PREGNANCY BRAIN, back pain, leg cramps, a little heartburn, vivid dreams, movement.

This past week was okay.  I had a few days that were just terrible (not because of my pregnancy, but just bad days where everything is frustrating and goes wrong), so I feel like I’m still recovering from that. One thing that happened (and the reason I put pregnancy brain in all caps above) that I have never had happen before: I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch on Monday, and I completely forgot.  She called and I didn’t get the calls until 30 minutes after I was supposed to be there.  I still feel absolutely terrible about standing her up…like the worst friend ever.  She’s kind of a newish friend, too, and not pregnant, so I’m hoping she understands it was nothing personal and an honest mistake.  

One semi-funny thing did happen this past weekend.  Hubby and I have been sleeping on our couches, because our mattress is a hand-me-down from his in laws who received it as a hand-me-down (so, about 20 years old, give or take).  So, I was apparently asleep, and apparently dreaming, but this HUGE spider was coming down from the ceiling and about to land on me.  I screamed something out (I think “oh no”) and rolled off the couch and immediately went to turn the light on.  Poor hubby thought I was hurt and we proceeded to look for the spider for the next 5 minutes or so before I realised it must have been a dream.  It was frustrating, because I felt guilty for waking hubby up.  It’s also kind of funny now that we look back on it, though.  Ah, vivid pregnancy dreams.

Oh, also, I had a midwife appointment on Friday, and she told me I am right on track with everything.  I don’t need to be worried about weight gain at all.  That was a HUGE load off my mind, because I was getting very worried about it.  I feel like I look farther along than other women at the same place as me, but she said not to compare myself.  Every woman looks different in different stages of pregnancy.  Also, she got the doppler out and tried to find the heartbeat, but baby was hiding.  She didn’t spend long trying to find it, either, so I’m sure if we had taken a bit longer we would’ve heard it.  Kind of disappointing, but the midwife wasn’t concerned about it, so I’m not going to be concerned either.

I am fairly certain I have felt movement, too, especially in the past couple of days.  It does feel like a butterflies wings are brushing against me and kind of tickles some, so I think it is the baby.  I’m starting to feel it more frequently, too, which convinces me even more!  Woohoo!

I was thinking how quickly August is approaching…and in August we will finally get an ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender of our little peanut!  I can’t wait!


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