16 weeks pregnant: back aches, crazy nails, amazing hair.


16 weeks pregnant! Baby is now 5 inches long. ūüôā

Cravings: Sweet chili and sour cream rice crackers, caramel ice cream, tea, grapefruit.

Aversions: Nothing really.

Symptoms: Pimples, lower back pain, increased energy, good sleep!

As each week goes by, I’m more and more amazed at how far I have made it–and baby has made it. ¬†I’m so overwhelmed with thankfulness for this time in my life. Every ache and pain is worth the end result.¬†

Speaking of aches and pains, my back pain has gradually gotten worse. ¬†It’s on one side of my back (the same side I have had some cramping on in the past) and is now seeming to run down that side of my butt/leg. ¬†Ouch. ¬†I have been going to my regular chiropractic appointments, but he can’t crack my lower back anymore because of baby. ¬†Which is fine. ¬†But it hurts. ¬†I can’t walk very well at times because of it. ¬†I’m thinking what I’ll do is buy one of those¬†back/tummy supports¬†for pregnant women. ¬†I think that would keep everything supported enough to help…I think.

I have figured out how to be comfortable whilst sleeping now.  It requires a whole lot of pillows.  I now sleep on the couch so that the cushion can support my back.  I also place a pillow at the top of my back (just below my neck) and on my lower back/bum.  I tuck the lower back pillow under my bum just a bit for added support.  I also sleep with a body pillow.  So, great sleep this week.

Baby is 5 inches long now and I feel it move every day and can’t wait to feel stronger movements/kicks. I notice it moving most when I start teaching piano and my students are playing. ¬†I have felt it a few times while playing myself, too. ¬†I love knowing that my baby is already a little musical. ¬†ūüôā ¬†

As for my nails, they are growing so so fast! ¬†I wouldn’t mind that except for the fact that I grew up playing piano and HATE having my nails long at all. ¬†So, I’m having to get used to keeping up with them a bit more often than I’d like. ¬†Ah, well, there could be worse things to complain about.

My hair has been really good! ¬†It looks healthy and lush. ¬†It does, however, feel very thick. ¬†I’ll have to get it shaped up really soon so it won’t drive me too crazy. ¬†My hair is usually very thick, but now it’s thicker than ever. ¬†It’ll be nice to go treat myself to a nice haircut.

I hope my posts aren’t too boring. ¬†I’ve been thinking about what else to write during the week, but my creativity is seriously lacking. ¬†Sorry girls. ¬†I will keep trying, and if you have any ideas please let me know.

15 weeks: Movement, sour gummy worms, and baby dreams

This week might’ve been the best week of pregnancy so far. ¬†I knew what I was feeling was the baby moving when it started happening more frequently and every day. ¬†It is the best feeling in the world, and I’m looking forward to movement getting stronger and more frequent.Image

Aversions: None!

Cravings: Sour gummy worms or any artificially flavored candy, cheese, mushrooms

Symptoms: Movement! Heartburn, a little anxiety, increased energy, lower back pain/neck pain

It’s about time for some maternity shirts. ¬†I have been in maternity pants/jeans since the week I found out I was pregnant (SO bloated those first weeks), but now all my shirts are getting snug, too. ¬†I have noticed in Australia, there aren’t any maternity shops, and the maternity section in Target or K mart are so tiny they’re hard to find (literally one rack in the whole store). ¬†Not only that, but a lot of what I’ve seen has been completely unimpressive: Drab, frumpy, colorless, and overpriced. ¬†So, I’m taking matters into my own hands and ordering a few shirts on some websites in America to be shipped over to me. ¬†I can’t wait.

I have had sour gummy worms or some form of candy each day in the last few days. ¬†I started to feel guilty about it, but I decided I’m eating very healthy otherwise, so it’s okay for me to eat a little treat once a day.

And ¬†now for an entertaining dream I had this week. ¬†I dreamt we had a baby boy. ¬†He was smiling and laughing at whatever me or my husband did to entertain him. ¬†At one stage, suddenly, my older brother was here, and I let him hold our son. ¬†Almost immediately, he said, “Oh, I think he has to poop,” and placed him in the grass (?!). ¬†I looked down at my baby who had turned into my guinea pig, Guster. End dream. ¬†

Other than all that, I’m looking forward to watching the bachelorette finale as soon as it comes online! ¬†Hope you all have a great week!



14 weeks pregnant

I was waiting to post this until I could get a good belly shot, but hubby wouldn’t take one before he went on his trip because “we just took one two days ago.” ¬†So, no belly shot this week. ¬†I’m going to start taking them on the day that I turn a new week so that hubby is happy to take them.

Cravings: Sweet chilli & Sour Cream rice crackers, watermelon, pigs in a blanket, tea

Aversions: None to speak of this week

Symptoms: PREGNANCY BRAIN, back pain, leg cramps, a little heartburn, vivid dreams, movement.

This past week was okay. ¬†I had a few days that were just terrible (not because of my pregnancy, but just bad days where everything is frustrating and goes wrong), so I feel like I’m still recovering from that. One thing that happened (and the reason I put pregnancy brain in all caps above) that I have never had happen before: I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch on Monday, and I completely forgot. ¬†She called and I didn’t get the calls until 30 minutes after I was supposed to be there. ¬†I still feel absolutely terrible about standing her up…like the worst friend ever. ¬†She’s kind of a newish friend, too, and not pregnant, so I’m hoping she understands it was nothing personal and an honest mistake. ¬†

One semi-funny thing did happen this past weekend. ¬†Hubby and I have been sleeping on our couches, because our mattress is a hand-me-down from his in laws who received it as a hand-me-down (so, about 20 years old, give or take). ¬†So, I was apparently asleep, and apparently dreaming, but this HUGE spider was coming down from the ceiling and about to land on me. ¬†I screamed something out (I think “oh no”) and rolled off the couch and immediately went to turn the light on. ¬†Poor hubby thought I was hurt and we proceeded to look for the spider for the next 5 minutes or so before I realised it must have been a dream. ¬†It was frustrating, because I felt guilty for waking hubby up. ¬†It’s also kind of funny now that we look back on it, though. ¬†Ah, vivid pregnancy dreams.

Oh, also, I had a midwife appointment on Friday, and she told me I am right on track with everything. ¬†I don’t need to be worried about weight gain at all. ¬†That was a HUGE load off my mind, because I was getting very worried about it. ¬†I feel like I look farther along than other women at the same place as me, but she said not to compare myself. ¬†Every woman looks different in different stages of pregnancy. ¬†Also, she got the doppler out and tried to find the heartbeat, but baby was hiding. ¬†She didn’t spend long trying to find it, either, so I’m sure if we had taken a bit longer we would’ve heard it. ¬†Kind of disappointing, but the midwife wasn’t concerned about it, so I’m not going to be concerned either.

I am fairly certain I have felt movement, too, especially in the past couple of days. ¬†It does feel like a butterflies wings are brushing against me and kind of tickles some, so I think it is the baby. ¬†I’m starting to feel it more frequently, too, which convinces me even more! ¬†Woohoo!

I was thinking how quickly August is approaching…and in August we will finally get an ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender of our little peanut! ¬†I can’t wait!

Baby bump catch up and small worries

I bought some baby items at a Lifeline (equivalent to Good Will) sale today! ¬†I bought a blanket, 3 outfits, and an I Spy book (for when baby’s a little older). ¬†I also bought the Time Traveler’s Wife (for $4–Score!) and a puzzle all for the whopping price of $13! ¬†Awesome.


8 weeks! Finally felt good enough to do my hair and makeup.


Today: 13 weeks 3 days. I. feel. HUGE!

I have gained 8 lbs so far in my pregnancy, and sometimes I worry about whether I’m gaining too quickly. ¬†I see all these skinny girls that are still skinny or have barely a bump that have only gained 1/2 lb and I get worried…and today I was thinking…pregnancy is sometimes used just like thinspiration society. ¬†Except now you have the added pressure of being a good mom, and if you look a little bigger than what someone’s idea of ___ weeks is, you are a bad mom or having twins. ¬†And they say things like, “Wow, you’re only ___ weeks?!” which basically means “Girl, you are HUGE!” So, I am taking this thought and reminding myself that every pregnancy is different and as long as the baby is healthy, I am not going to worry. ¬†I think I’m worried because I want to have a natural birth in the birthing centre, and in Australia there are weight gain limits…when I’m honest, this is the real fear. ¬†That I will gain too much and not get the birth I want. ¬†Luckily, I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, and I can ask some of the details that I’m not sure of that are driving me crazy. ¬†Ah, well.

Everything else is GREAT. ¬†I am feeling great and so happy to be pregnant. ¬†I have definitely started feeling a little movement (that is definitely not gas) and am looking so forward to hearing the heartbeat again. ¬†We announced everything on facebook and got an outpouring of love (as well as finding out that a few more friends are pregnant that I didn’t know about. ¬†Sweet). ¬†It’s been a really fun week besides the slight worry about weight gain.

Anyway, what do you worry about? ¬†I would love to know I’m not alone in my slight amount of crazy.

13 Weeks!

Oh my, oh my, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it here. ¬†I’m declaring myself 2nd trimester!!! ¬†Woooo!

Cravings: Cheese. ¬†Frozen coke (forgot to mention that one last time). ¬†Frosty (although, sadly, no Wendy’s in Australia…maybe I’ll look up that recipe I pinned awhile back…)

Aversions: Hubby suggested stirfry for dinner one night.  Eew.  Broccoli.

Symptoms: Leg cramps.  A little nausea.  Sore back/shoulders.  A disdain for sleeping on my side.

This week wasn’t a great week, so I’m happy to be starting a new one. ¬†The man I talked about last week that passed away…well, his funeral was this past week, and it was bittersweet. ¬†We know he’s doing great now, but we are left with the task of living with out him. ¬†I mean, for me, I just won’t see him at church anymore and it will be sad…but for his dear, sweet wife…oh, I just can’t imagine having to learn to live with out my hubby…So that wasn’t the greatest day.

Fast forward to Sunday…we had our 4th of July celebration (the funeral was on the 4th, so we postponed it till after church..after all, we are just a handful of Americans). ¬†It was wonderful–the food was great, the company was nice, and we had people at our house, which I love doing. ¬†Well, it was wonderful until that night. ¬†I got what I thought were severe gas cramps…they hurt SO BAD, and I couldn’t find a way to get rid of them. ¬†Finally, I sat on the toilet and had some terrible diarrhea.¬† I’m not really sure what I ate or where it came from, but it felt miserable.

I’ve had a bit of morning sickness come back, which I didn’t expect. ¬†I was eating something on Saturday and all of a sudden had an urge to hurl. ¬†It must have been a smell or something, but I totally didn’t expect it. ¬†It’s happened a couple of other times, and if I don’t eat regularly, I feel sick again (it had gotten to where I just felt kind of weak instead of sick). ¬†So, I guess I need to watch it and make sure I’m eating every couple of hours on the dot. ¬†I think it’s fairly normal to get morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. ¬†Hormones continue to fluctuate, so it will come and go.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave me your input about raspberry leaf. ¬†I have switched to the Rainbow Light Organics Prenatals, and I’m having much more energy as a result.

I have an appointment Friday, and I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again! ¬†I swear I’m feeling movement. ¬†Anyway, this is the big appointment, so I’m looking forward to digging in to birth plans and a bit more action (ultrasound, anyone?! ¬†Bursting for that one).

Hope y’all have a great week! ¬†Oh, and stay tuned, because I am going to post my bump pictures soon. ¬†I have a few and plan to take one every week starting this week now. ¬†ūüôā

Red Raspberry leaf?


I have researched this herb quite a bit, because I ordered the¬†certified organics prenatal from Rainbow Light, and they have a small amount of raspberry leaf extract. ¬†Red Raspberry¬†Leaf has been under debate for Lord knows how long. ¬†Some say it’s great all throughout pregnancy because it tones your uterine muscles, and some say it could cause miscarriage because it actually makes your uterus contract. ¬†My midwife told me to wait to take it until 32 weeks, but she wasn’t familiar with the brand and didn’t seem sure of whether it was safe in such a small amount¬†or not. ¬†Well, one of the ladies at my church has been a midwife for years and teaches midwifery at university now, and she told me she always recommends raspberry leaf to her patients. ¬†After she told me that, I tried taking half doses of my prenatal to try it and thought I’d up the doses after this week (12 weeks). ¬†So, a few days last week, I was doing that, and I felt awesome. ¬†My energy was back, and I was feeling so normal. ¬†Well, I think this is due to the fact that rainbow light vitamins are food based, so your body absorbs the vitamins and minerals much easier.¬†

Long story short, I got scared. ¬†I started thinking, “what are you doing going against your midwife and self-diagnosing?” ¬†So I stopped taking them and switched back to my other prenatal, but now I’m feeling worn out and my energy is gone again–which tells me my body is not absorbing the nutrients I need….

SO…I really want to switch back, but the minute amount of raspberry leaf freaks me out enough to second guess whether I should. ¬†I THINK now that I’m almost to 2nd trimester, it should be safe, but…I just don’t know. ¬†Do any of y’all have experience with this? ¬†Or know of any actual evidence that it’s not safe? ¬†It just seems like a petty debate with no proof of either side at this stage… ¬†I would love your opinions and advice. ¬†

12 weeeeeks!!! Pregnant!!!

Cravings: Mostly cheese.  

Aversions: Still don’t like seafood, and salsa smells a bit too strong still.

Symptoms: Bloating (need to eat more fruit and less sugar), Leg cramps, tender breasts, round ligament pain, and the ever famous pregnancy brain.

This week was both awesome and agonizing. ¬†My pregnancy is going wonderfully. ¬†I’m growing a bit bigger and feel like I’m starting to pop out (although still not sure how much is bloat and how much is baby), and we went to the midwife this past week only to find the heartbeat. ¬†Last time, if you remember, she couldnt’ find it. ¬†She said it was still too early. ¬†Well, it took a few minutes this time, but she found it! ¬†It was exhilarating to know there really is a baby in there and it has a heartbeat! ¬†It was funny, too, because she found it and about 5 seconds later, the baby moved away from the doppler wand, so she had to try to find it again. ¬†After a few more minutes, she found it in a completely different place hiding deep in my uterus. ¬†It made me feel good to find out that this baby is definitely ours (we both hate being woken up or bothered if we’re doing our own thing). ¬†The midwife also said she could tell by the sounds on the doppler that the baby was kicking and moving around a lot. ¬†So cool! ¬†That was the best part of my week, and I can’t stop smiling when I think of it. ¬†

The agonizing part of the week started on Thursday. ¬†A man in our very close-knit church, Richard, has been battling melanoma for 2 years. ¬†When he was diagnosed, they gave him only a few months to live, but God healed him for a time, and he was able to make it 2 more years. ¬†Well, last week, they did a scan and found a block in front of his liver stopping any blood from getting in and out…and there was nothing they could do about it. ¬†He died the day we found out about the blockage. ¬†I knew he wasn’t going to make it after we heard the news, but I was thinking it would be another week or something…it felt so quick. ¬†Anyway, he was a positive, amazing Christian man. ¬†His last words to my in-laws was “It’s okay, I’ll see you later.” ¬†And we will see him later! ¬†I am so glad for the reassurance of heaven…it makes the pain of death sting a lot less. ¬†So, his funeral is this week and I’m playing piano for it. ¬†I’ve never played for a funeral before, and I’m a little nervous…mostly because I’m afraid I won’t be able to see the music through all my tears. ¬†I feel honored to do it, though.

I am so excited to be at 12 weeks! ¬†There’s a lot of debate about when 2nd trimester actually starts, but I’m going with 13 weeks. ¬†It’s right in the middle (they say 12-14 weeks), and I think it’s fairly accurate. ¬†So, one more week and I’m in 2nd trimester! ¬†The honeymoon phase of pregnancy. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I look forward to all it brings: Showing more, feeling the baby kick, our first ultrasound, finding out the gender, and my birthday happens to be in there somewhere. ¬†Good times. ¬†I keep praying that all will go well, and I believe it will. ¬†It’s crazy to think we’ll have a baby in our arms in 6 months!

I hope y’all have a wonderful 4th of July! ¬†We are grilling out at our house with my in-laws, and I’m buying some sparklers for fun! ¬†I love holidays. ¬†I’m thinking about going all out since it’s the first thing we’ve hosted at our house. ¬†I can’t wait.