Weeks 8-9 Sick and pregnant

Cravings: Not a whole lot.  Most foods sound okay to me now.

Aversions: Finally going away!  Still don’t like carrots or broccoli.  Any strong smelling vegetable, really.

Symptoms: Tender breasts, uti, bloated, acne, heat rash on back, fatigue


Oh man, what a whirlwind of a couple weeks.  Morning sickness is finally starting to loosen its grip on me, which is awesome.  I feel like now I can finally eat right again and go back to my healthy diet.  Not much was going on for 8 weeks, which is why I didn’t write anything, but this past week has been super eventful.  I caught a cold of some sort, and let me tell you how much it sucks to not be able to take any medicine.  I’m usually the type that pops a couple of pills and keeps on going, but I couldn’t do that this week. I had to cancel all my lessons and take it easy.  On top of that, the ensemble choir I’m in put on a theatre restaurant this week, so I had rehearsals until 10:15 or so and then had to drive the 40 minutes home.  Luckily, though, last night was the last show, and I’m relieved to get my life back a bit.

I went to my midwife appointment on Friday, and we talked about some of my symptoms.  I can’t remember if I wrote about it, but a few weeks back, I was getting period-like cramps that were connected to back pain.  When I mentioned this to her, she said it wasn’t normal and she thought it might be a uti.  So, I’ve been taking the relief medicine she suggested and drinking cranberry juice.  I’ve also been upping my water intake, because I think that might have something to do with it.  It scared me a bit, though, because that was 2 weeks ago, and I was thinking it was normal.  And now I’m scared that it might be out of hand and we just don’t know it yet.  Of course, when you look up info on having a uti when pregnant, people are like “IT COULD SPREAD TO YOUR KIDNEYS AND YOU MIGHT DIE.”  Argh.  I guess if it was going to do that, it would’ve done that already, though, and my symptoms would’ve gotten worse and not better.

Anyway, she also got the doppler out and tried to find the heartbeat, but since I’m still early, baby is small enough to hide and seemed to be comfortable out of the way of heartbeat.  Disappointing.  Ah, well, she said we could pop in in a couple of weeks and try to find it again, and I think we will do just that.  I think it will make it more real to hear it for myself.  When we couldn’t find it, I kept second guessing whether I’m really pregnant.  Is there really a baby in there?  But, I’ve had heaps of symptoms to answer “yes.” I guess there are some advantages to getting that dating ultrasound, but I do feel I’ve made a good decision in waiting until the gender scan to get an ultrasound.  I’m just not too stressed about the actual due date.  

Tomorrow, I’m 10 weeks, and I can hardly wait until the second trimester.  Each week that goes by is another week that baby is alive and growing and another week of relief for me.  

Hope you all have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Weeks 8-9 Sick and pregnant

    • Hooray for no more morning sickness! It’s so nice to be wanting food again and not eating just so I won’t feel sick. Can’t wait for the best trimester! 3 more weeks! You’ve already made it there, haven’t you?

  1. Yay for feeling better! I think I’m getting there…

    That stinks about not being able to find the heartbeat on the dopplar. Hopefully your next appt will have better luck.

      • I actually haven’t had an ultrasound yet. I decided not to get a dating u/s or the genetic testing, so we won’t have one until 20 weeks or so for the gender. The only thing we’ve used is the fetal heart doppler, and we’ll go back next week to see if baby is out of hiding. 🙂 I have to say, I can’t wait to see the baby, though!

      • Oh ok, then that makes sense. I was going to say that when I had my ultrasound yesterday, it wasn’t abdominal (it was the OTHER kind) and they don’t usually do abdominal ones that early for that very reason…baby is too small and your bladder is in the way and it makes it very difficult to see the heartbeat. So I’m glad you’re not feeling discouraged. But I have no idea how you can wait until 20 weeks for an ultrasound! I actually opted for one more genetic test solely because it was an opportunity for another ultrasound at 12 weeks! You are so patient! Good thing we have had FAITH to keep us going this long!

      • Haha definitely! Well, I was going to opt for the testing for the same reason, but when I was told about it, they were already implying that I would have to make a decision about whether to keep the baby, and hubby and I just really didn’t want to have that conversation with them about how atrocious that is. So, we decided to be patient and wait, and I really can’t wait to see it and find out the gender! It will be amazing! Until then, we did find the heartbeat this past week, and I’m addicted to the memory. Also, I think I am starting to feel a bit of movement (although second guessing myself a lot), which is exciting!

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