Pregnancy: 7 weeks

Cravings: Potatoes, gluten free bread, cereal. Power ade.

Aversions: Almost everything.  Salsa and curry being the two biggest aversions.

Symptoms:Frequent urination, morning sickness, drinking a lot of water, out of breath, pregnancy brain, a little bloated (but the kiwi is helping a lot), tender breasts, fatigue.

This past week was the hardest of my pregnancy so far.  Morning sickness has definitely kicked in and left me feeling queasy fairly often.  I try to keep eating every couple of hours, but I don’t necessarily feel like eating anything in particular.  The “cravings” listed above are what I have resorted to eating because the sound of them don’t make me want to gag like everything else.  The powerade has been a nice change from water, but I’m not sure that it’s as hydrating as water.  So, I’ve tried to limit my intake since it has heaps of sodium.

Over the weekend, we went to stay with the in-laws because it was convenient for the schedule we had, and we like spending time with them.  Well, did that ever make me realise that I enjoy being at home.  Feeling sick makes me want to be at home, not someone else’s house.  This made me rethink my birth plan (which is all in my head at this point).  We live 40 minutes from the birth centre, and I don’t want to be in labour for 40 minutes in the car.  So, originally, we were thinking that when I start labour (and if I’m not progressing quickly) then we’d go to the in-laws house because it’s closer.  Well, after this weekend, I just want to be home until I have to go into the birth centre.  With my husband’s new job, we have been thinking about moving into town anyway, and I think this thought has cemented the decision.  We will probably be moving into town to be closer to his work and, as a bonus, closer to the birthing centre.

One good thing is, the miscarriage dreams have ceased, but I’ve started having sexy dreams.  They say this is a symptom, too, so I thought I’d mention it.  Luckily, the dreams have been about my husband, which is the only way I would want it.  Much better dreaming about him than miscarriage, I must say.  🙂

I still experience quite a bit of cramping.  Some of this is connected to my lower back pain, but a lot of it is just everything moving and stretching.  Apparently my uterus is now twice as big as it was before conception, so a little cramping makes sense.

Okay, I’ll leave it there for now.  I am going to try to post a bit more often instead of just one long post a week.  Hope you all have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 7 weeks

  1. Have you tried coconut water? No added sugar or dyes, lower in sodium, and calories, but still has essential electrolytes. My acupuncturist highly recommends it for nausea and to help stay hydrated.

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