Day 2 of tww.  Today was better in some ways from yesterday (gosh, am I really going to feel like this EVERY day?  How do you ladies do this every month?).  Today went by a lot faster, but I was incredibly emotional.  I felt disconnected from my husband for no reason.  Then, I went to the grocery store and decided since I was in a funk, I would buy myself something.  I headed to the candle section, because it seemed like a day where I needed my house to smell homey.  So, I bought Glade’s apples and cinnamon scented candle.  When I got home, I was opening it up and realized that the scent reminds me of when my husband and I first were married.  We were poor, like many newlyweds, and couldn’t afford much more than Glade.  The scent reminds me of autumn and new beginnings and love.  The perfect day to have bought this scent.

So, I started weeping.  I have been weepy all day, and little things like that have made me more weepy. Ah, fun.

The good news is, once I started teaching my lessons, my funk seemed to (mostly) go away.  Later, one of my friends came over and we had some girl time.  It was really nice.  I needed that.  

After tomorrow, I will be a little busier…hopefully busy enough until testing date to not drive myself crazy.  I am going to try to wait until 14 dpo, but we’ll see how we go.  

I want to share this video with you in honor of my first (and hopefully only) 2ww.  This girl knew she was pregnant very early on, and I”m trying not to think I’m having these flutterings that she also had.  I actually watched this video months ago but remembered it yesterday when I had some of the same feelings “down there” that she had before finding out she was pregnant.  Judging by my somber mood today, though, I’m certainly not getting my hopes up.


P.S. Thank you to all my followers!  I’m excited for you to read my blog and look forward to reading yours, too.


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