A simple update

I’ve had a week full of kitchen time.  I have enjoyed the stirring, the heating, the slow cooking, the baking…Better than therapy.  Today I made my second batch of gluten free amish friendship bread, but I added some banana to it and omitted the cinnamon.  Since we have church in our home, I sliced it up and shared it with my church family.  Everyone loved it!  The only thing more fun than the actual baking was the joy of everyone enjoying it.

And, tomorrow, I MUST tighten up my diet.  I have been good during the week, but one or two meals or snacks this week have been more of a phase 2 of perfect 10 than staying on phase 1.

Still haven’t O’d.  All signs pointing to it, but no temperature shift yet.  CD 21.  This is typical of my cycles.  Unpredictable and many days of fertile signs.  Ah, well.  Waiting waiting.

Day 29:  What is your favorite book?

Oh, I have so many.  I can’t narrow it down to one, but I can tell you that I just read the Hunger Games series and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I loved the ending and will definitely read it again sometime (probably before the next movie).  Among some of my other favorites are Les Miserables, Redeeming Love, and anything by Robin Jones Gunn.

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