The first step to recovery is admitting that it sucked.

Okay, I’m just going to admit it: My trip to the U.S. was a disappointment.

My expectations: A leisurely trip filled with shopping, good company, and plenty of spending money.

Reality: An incredibly “full on” busy trip in which my connections with friends, apart from one (Hi Leah!) was lacking and I ran out of spending money much quicker than I wanted to.

I just had to admit that to myself.  It wasn’t all bad, though.  My favorite part of the trip was my time with Leah, which I’ve already written about.  I did cherish the time with my mom, too.  She is amazing.

Here are some photos:


Me with the Leggo snow white display


Totally made out of Leggos.


I think I’ve been spelling Legos wrong. Oh well.


Another display from Snow White. The seven dwarves!


Some FL landscape


That log looking thing…in the distance…yeah, totally an alligator. Android cameras don’t have zoom, apparently.




Another view of the sunset.


Enjoying a cuppa tea.


8 thoughts on “The first step to recovery is admitting that it sucked.

  1. Yay for LegoLand and beautiful FL Landscapes! And of course, for good times with friends. But boo for unrelaxing, overextended vacations. And bigger boo that you were an HOUR away from me! That’d probably be creepy anyway, but still. Thanks for sharing the pics! They are neat!

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