Changing the subject to my top 5 fertility resources.

DAY 14:  Tell us about your funniest Clomid/Follistim/injectables mood-swing story.  If you don’t have one, tell us your funniest general infertility drug story.

Sorry, Ladies, I don’t have any stories yet, as we are new to this ttc thing.  I promise I will share them with you as we go along, though.
I wanted to share some of my favorite fertility resources with you sometime, and I think this may be a good time to do so, since the question didn’t conjure up much of a response.  So, here are my top 5 baby/fertility resources:
1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  A lady from church gave me an older version of this, and I’ve been addicted to charting ever since.  It makes so much sense to be aware of what’s happening with your body, and this has been a vital resource for my pcos relief.
2. Making Babies.  I ordered this book with some amazon credit I received for my birthday last year.  We weren’t ready to begin ttc, so this was what I bought to curb my baby fever for awhile.  It has helped to have something to focus on leading up to this ttc.  This book is great when you’re ttc, too, because it has all kinds of tips about infertility and different types of fertility.  The authors combine eastern and western medicine, and I enjoyed the read.  Very informative, and I’m constantly going back to it as a resource.
3. Spearmint Baby.  This blog is adorable.  It has everything from maternity photos to birth stories to nurseries and more.  I read this blog when I’m feeling most inflicted with baby fever.
4. Passionate Homemaking.  This blog is about far more than pregnancy and fertility.  There are recipes, homemaking tips, and Spiritual articles.  I love that you can click on the “babies and bellies” section and focus on that or just bask in the nature of this family-oriented blog.  I would highly recommend checking out her recipes, and particularly the one about making 4 meals out of one whole chicken.  I do this all the time and make my own gluten free/soy free chicken stock from her recipe.  
5. Fertility Friend.  How could I not mention this site?  I am constantly on ff inputting my bbt and charting info, and I’ve just started going on the forums a little bit just to browse and see what the boards are like.
Speaking of forums and boards, have you ever been on the bump and browsed some of their boards?  The women sure are snarky!  Makes me so thankful for our little wordpress community and the support I’ve already received from you ladies.  So, thank you so much for being awesome and lovely and not at all snarky.  Hope y’all have a great week!

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