The Power of Music

I had to share this video. Music is such a powerful thing. I can’t completely grasp how much power it really has, and I truly believe it is a spiritual tool that God uses in our lives (and that the devil can use, too, but that’s a different side of it).


4 thoughts on “The Power of Music

  1. Thank you for sharing. My husband sings at a lot of nursing homes and there are times when he is at a few with alzheimer units and relatives have told him that their parent hasn’t spoken a word in a long time, but when he sings, they sings along with him. It brings them back to life! Music is such a powerful gift!

  2. My husband just shared that video with me about two days ago. My grandfather was a classical musician, and played violin, cello, and piano, he built harpsichords, and was the orchestra teacher at the local middle school. He had a life long love of music. Today, he is in a home suffering from Alzheimer’s. I can’t visit him as he’s 12+ hours from where I live, and he doesn’t know who I am anymore. When I saw this video, I of course thought of him, and I wonder if music still can reach his soul.

    • Wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. It’s so hard when people you love get older and start slipping away. Not gonna lie, I cried when I watched this video because of the way the music brought this man back to life and filled his heart with passion again.

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