A spontaneous date

I like spontaneity.  When I was in America last week, one of my friends came to visit, and we had a spontaneous picnic by the lake and then went on a nature walk and spotted a couple of alligators.  Perfection.  

Tonight, my husband surprised me by pulling into a cute little Indian restaurant claiming that he had to turn around when really he planned on taking me out to eat.  It was the best meal I’ve had in an incredibly long time.  Butter chicken and 2 cups of authentic Indian masala later, I know we will be regulars there.

I think I feel most spontaneous with people I am comfortable with.  Sometimes, it’s hard to be spontaneous, because it’s hard to know whether or not the person will want to stick to the plan or do something off the wall.  I feel most comfortable sharing my ideas with certain people, and I feel so blessed to have a few of these people in my life.

And now, I want to research Indian culture: Bollywood, henna tattoos, etc.

Do you like spontaneity, or are you a stick-to-the plan type?  What’s your favourite spontaneous moment?


3 thoughts on “A spontaneous date

  1. I like spontaneity but kind of suck at doing it! My husband and I sort of fall into routine (b/c we like it and it’s comfy) but enjoy doing news things! Just need a push one in a while 🙂 On that note, I should try the Indian restaurant around the corner…

    • Hubby and I are the same way, too! I’d forgotten how much fun it was until the last week or so upon realising who I’m comfortable being spontaneous with. So, did you try the Indian restaurant yet? Oh man, I love Indian food.

      • Not yet! The whole of Germany closes down during Easter (for the most part) so we need to wait till next week 😉 I’ll keep you posted!

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