There’s no place…

I’m alive!  

I have had an exhausting, taxing, fun, and awesome time on my trip.  I came for a wedding, and that was last weekend.  I had low expectations, but it ended up being fun and beautiful.  My best friend tagged along, and I was disappointed at how little fun we had.  She is sorting through a lot of things right now and needed to talk about it…but gee whiz, I was expecting a break and ended up being a forced counselor all weekend.  When I tried to listen and help and then transition to lighter topics, she would end up getting angry with traffic or the caterers…you name it.  I haven’t seen this side of her before, and I was thoroughly disappointed with our time together.  It has taken me nearly the whole week to recover from the emotional exhaustion of the weekend.

The good news is another friend of mine came to visit, and we had the best time.  I was thrilled to be able to see her again.  We weren’t sure where our friendship would lead when Hubby and I left for Australia, and it has completely bloomed and blossomed.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’ll write more about that later.  I dropped her off at the airport and enjoyed the quiet drive home.  I did a few errands and soon realised that I’m ready to go home.  I have the weekend ahead and a long flight home before I can get there, but I feel ready.  I miss my husband, I miss my house, I miss my guinea pigs.  I miss Australian accents.  I think if I met Dorothy right now, I would feel like her kindred spirit.

When I get home, our ttc journey officially begins!  


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