A little bummed…

…about my weight loss.  This week, I haven’t lost–I’ve gained.  I started phase 2 of the Perfect 10, which adds 1-3 servings of grains per day.  Because I’m celiac, I’ve simply been adding a serving of brown rice, usually with my dinner.  So, I’m thinking I may cut out grains again…not sure.  I also thought maybe it would be better if I had them in the morning to ensure I burn them off.  I could buy some quinoa and make some porridge.

I also think part of this gain is due to the fact that I usually do a little better of a job grocery shopping and have plenty of snacks around.  This week, however, I am fully consumed with getting ready for my trip.  I am so excited that it’s been hard to teach or focus on anything else.  So, I have had a few hungry days with rubbish snacks.  I leave in 48 hours…WOW.

When I get to where I’m going, I’m hoping to still eat as healthy as possible.  Mom’s taking me out to eat when I first get there, but after that we’ll probably eat at home quite a bit.

If any of you have any advice as to why my weight gain could be happening, please feel free to share.  This is the 3rd week of this particular diet and about 2 months of my buckling down and watching what I eat.  I think it’s just an off week, but I would love to hear your thoughts.


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