March Photo Challenge: Living and Eat

I wanted to combine these two topics in this challenge, because living in Australia coincides some with eating in Australia.  I hope you enjoy this dip into the culture here.


Anyone recognise this?


This, my friends, is a meat pie.  While I can’t eat gluten anymore because of my PCOS, this sucker was devoured before I was aware of my allergies on my birthday.  We had just arrived in Australia, and I spent my birthday eating meat pie and looking for kangaroos.  It was so much fun.


The Thai food here is as good as the Mexican food in America is.  We’re closer, thus, it’s better.  This was consumed the night of the previously mentioned birthday.  


The rest of these are not food.  I found this poor guy in my driveway one day, and I was amazed at the amount of vibrant colours in some of the wildlife here.  This is just one example.  There are wild parrots with the same colours that adorn the sky, and the gardens are absolutely stunning.


Admittedly, this guy was at a zoo.  Still cute though, huh?  A few weeks ago, I was driving to a friend’s house and saw something running along the road.  It looked strange, and I wondered what it was.  It didn’t look like a dog or a cat, but I slowed down to see and to make sure I didn’t hit it.  Low and behold, it was a koala, and when it saw me it reached out it’s paw toward me!  I had a moment of delighted freak out to myself and God in the car.  Sometimes they can get hit by cars, but I’m sure he arrived safely to his location, because I didn’t see any sign of him later on.


Me with a kangaroo, also at the zoo.  We went to the Australia Zoo for our 2nd anniversary.  This is the zoo that Steve Irwin’s father opened and that Steve himself continued to care for until his passing.  Terry and her children are now the caretakers.  In fact, in September, we took my mom there and saw them at the show.  They’re not always there, so it was pretty awesome to be able to see them.


This being a ttc blog, I had to include Mama Roo with her baby.


Me and my mom with a tiger.  No big deal.

Life in Australia is beautiful.  The land is rugged, but the wildlife is full of life and colour.  It was hard getting used to living in a different country and thinking of it as home, but once I embraced it as such, I’ve never looked back.  I wouldn’t change moving here for anything.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into the past few years of our life here.  And, in case you’ve noticed that I missed a couple of days between “purple” and now, don’t worry.  I’m going to catch up–just need a bit of inspiration.  


6 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge: Living and Eat

    • That’s right! My PCOS was absolutely out of control (as it often is), and a naturopath suggested cutting down on gluten. I decided to cut it out completely, and ever since then I have had less problems. I get a period every 2 months instead of never, and my charts are a bit more normal, too. Later, I discovered that I have similar reactions to soy, and when I cut out soy, my menstrual cramps (which were absolutely debilitating) cut down to a manageable pain level. I’m not sure if every woman with PCOS has the same gluten intolerance, but it sure has helped me!

      Yes, the “Brekkie” was the first thing I noticed, too. They shorten everything here! 🙂

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