Diet update and travelling

I realised yesterday that it’s been a little while since I’ve said anything about my diet/exercise.  Everything is going splendidly well, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am losing weight almost every time I weigh myself (every other day or so).  My body has grown accustomed to the diet, and I rarely feel that gnawing hunger that I’ve felt on other diets.  And, I am so enjoying full fat butter, milk, and using coconut oil in my cooking!  Delicious.

I am still waiting to see if this is balancing my hormones, but so far it seems to be better than usual.  Usually, it takes my body about 15 days to produce any cm, but this cycle, I started noticing cm on cd 8!  Still waiting for ovulation, but I’m only on cd 13.  I anticipate this cycle being more normal and not as long as the last few cycles I’ve had.  Losing weight will only help, and the added bonus of this diet being hormone balancing can only help as well.

In other news, I leave for my big trip in about a week, and I’m so excited!  I’ve been looking up youtube videos about flying tips and what to wear/pack.  I may do a post on that when I get myself organised, because I’ve found a lot of the advice helpful.  

Even more exciting: When I return from my trip, let the ttc begin!  I am so excited!  

I will keep you updated as the diet continues.  I am in phase 1 still, but I have the option of moving onto phase 2 on Monday.  I think I’m going to continue in phase 1 until I lose the weight I need to lose.  Need to read and brush up on the book first and make sure that’s what I’m meant to do.  It will be interesting attempting to stick with these eating habits while traveling.  I will have to do the best I can.  Perhaps I’ll do a post on that, too.

Any tips on travelling from you?  I would love to hear it!


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