When I saw today’s topic on the photo challenge, I thought…hmmm…what do I possibly have of significance that’s purple?  I couldn’t come up with anything.  As I went about  my day, however, I found myself noticing purple everywhere.  I remembered I had a purple eyeliner (oh, how I love coloured eyeliner), an old purple purse, and a kitchen decoration of a peacock (just a hint of purple).  I noticed every purple flower when I went on my walk/jog tonight.  And I remembered that I once painted my room purple (preteen stage, of course).  Purple used to be the colour of royalty in Biblical times, because the dyes for the purple fabrics were quite expensive.  Speaking of the Bible, I remembered one Halloween when I dressed up as Lydia, the seller of purple fabric.  

I chose the above photo, because it reminded me that one of my favourite flowers is wisteria.  This photo was taken at a local garden under a canopy of wisteria.  I feel like I’m in a portal to heaven when I walk through it.  This photo reminds me of time with my husband, peaceful surroundings, and new beginnings.  

Who knew the colour purple could bring up so many memories?


7 thoughts on “Purple

    • Thank you! If memory serves me correctly, I was trying to take it and my husband had to help me, because the camera wasn’t focusing! It did turn out nice, though, if I do say so myself.

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