Oh dear was yesterday ever a challenge.  It started out great, but then at about 4:30, one of my students showed up and I realised that I had forgotten that they rescheduled a make up lesson.  I tried to roll with the punches, but I’m embarrassed to say I think they knew that I forgot.  Must get a schedule that hangs up right in front of me so that I won’t forget…

After that, I was supposed to have friends over.  I had just enough time to get dinner ready so that it would be ready when they arrived.  Well, my sink ended up clogging to a point that both sinks were full of dirty water (and then dirty water with various types of drain cleaner).  Then, when I went to get dinner cooking, I realised the dutch oven needed a bit more scrubbing (the dishwasher didn’t quite get it clean enough).  So, I had to figure out how to do that.  Once I started cooking, I got focused on chopping the veggies and burned some of the dinner.  Luckily, it was soup, so it wasn’t very noticeable.  My friends came over and everything was fine, but my kitchen needed a good clean this morning.  I hate going to bed with a dirty kitchen, but I couldn’t do anything about it last night.  

The good news is, I got another guinea pig last night (one of my friends brought him), and he is super cute.  Image

Also, I woke up this morning to the words “You are the most beautiful woman in the entire world.” and a kiss on the cheek from my husband.  *Heart melts*  A few minutes later (or it seemed like it in dream land), he came back in to say he had successfully unclogged the sink!  So, I have spent the day slowly getting the kitchen clean.

I will be doing two posts today, because I’d like to do a separate one for “purple.”  I hope you don’t mind!


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