March Photo Challenge: Day 3


Ok, I’m starting in a few days late on the March photo challenge from ScrambledEggs, but I figure better late than never.  Today’s theme is domestic.

I love being domestic.  Having a clean house and feeling proud of what I can present to my husband and guests is such a good feeling.  Since moving to Australia, though, I’ve had a harder time with decorating and feeling at home where we’re living.  Renting is so so temporary here.  You aren’t allowed to hang things up (even with 3M strips) unless you get permission for each nail or strip placed on the wall.  So that’s left me feeling a bit out of whack when it comes to domesticity.  Lately, though, thanks to pinterest, I’ve had a little inspiration.

The house we’ve just moved into has a fireplace that isn’t usable.  The owners actually blocked it off.  So, thanks to pinterest and a few ideas on it, my husband and I shopped a bit and came up with this.


What do you think?  

Also, I had the idea of putting some sort of cushions around it so that we can sit by the fireplace, even if it doesn’t have the same purpose (keeping warm).  We can still have cozy nights and conversations with hot tea, right?  

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