A new obsession

I found it…something new and exciting and pretty…

A website to obsess over.  Now, I have never watched any shows that Lauren Conrad is in, but her website is fun and interesting.  She has all kinds of beauty tips, etiquette, decor, recipes…it’s like everything you’d want in one website if you’re a girly girl!  I love it.  Of course, I can thank all the girls on pinterest for pinning her cute hairstyles and things enough that I finally decided to click on one.

Admittedly, the one that got my attention was tips to looking pretty after a long flight.  I leave in 3 weeks for an international trip.  3.  weeks.  And I’m nervous and excited and not wanting to smell like recycled air when I step off the plane.  So, I clicked and had to scroll through a few posts before I found the one I was looking for.  Along the way, though, I realised how incredibly clever and well done Lauren’s website is.  I’m looking forward to being a frequent flier…(badum–chee!)

In the midst of trying to make sure I have everything in order, tonight I am taking a couple of beauty recipes (facial mask, anyone?) and putting them to good use.  I have the house to myself and nothing to do but relax.  And relax I shall!

What are your website obsessions?


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